Usage Fees

Additional Addresses

The Starter and Professional plans include one PO box or street address. The Startup plan includes one PO box, street address or premium street address. The Business plan includes three addresses of any kind. Tier pricing does not include the addresses within your initial plan.

Address TypeTierPrice
PO box1st$20/month/address
Street address1st$40/month/address
Premium street address
San Francisco, New York
Keep Your Own Address Contact sales for more info

Incoming Mail & Exterior Scanning

With the exception of the Virtual Address and Business Address plans, all other mail plans include unlimited incoming mail within reasonable business volumes. The Virtual Address and Business Address plans includes 15 pieces of incoming mail. After the first 15 items, incoming mail will be charged on a per-item-delivered basis of $0.50 per item.

All incoming mail automatically receives an exterior scan.

Content Scan Limits & Overages

Interior content scan limits vary by plan (see below) and include up to 20 pages front and back for free.

Scans includedVirtual Address for accounts created before July 26th, 2018 and Business Address plans0 content scans included
Virtual Address10 content scans included
Starter10 content scans included
Mail Automation50 content scans included
Premium (Office Mail Automation)50 content scans included
Professional50 content scans included
Startup135 content scans included
Business300 content scans included
Enterprise650 content scans included
Scan overagesVirtual Address and Business Address plans$3 per content scan
Mail Automation, Check Deposit,
Premium (Office Mail Automation), Professional,
Startup, & Business plans
$2 per content scan
Enterprise plan$1.85 per content scan

Mail Storage

All of our plans include physical mail storage of 30 days. Storage after 30 days incurs a small fee. Cloud storage of digitized mail is included for free in all plans.

Retention policy30 days
Letter storage$1.50/month (> 30 days)
Parcel storage$15.00 per pound per month after 10 days


We will gladly process shipments for you that do not exceed 150 pounds in weight and 15.5 inches x 24 inches x 18.5 inches in size.

DomesticVirtual Address Plan (v2),
Base Plan, Legacy Plan
$3.00/shipment plus postage$1/item
Other plans$1.25/shipment plus postage$1/item
InternationalVirtual Address Plan (v2),
Base Plan, Legacy Plan
$9.00/shipment plus postage$1/item
Other Plans$5/shipment plus postage$1/item
Expedited shipmentAll Plans$10/shipment$1/item
Heavy itemAll Plans$5/item between 50 and 150 pounds 

Content Scanning: Special Requests & Overages

Black White$0.10 per page for documents over 20 pages
Color$0.15 per page for documents over 20 pages
Expedited scanning$15/scan
Bulk scanning$3 per 15 pages (must exceed 5 pages)
Heavy delivery$10/item (50-150lbs, >150lbs not accepted)
Oversize package$25/item (dimensions exceeding 24″ x 15.5″ x 18.5″)
Expedited delivery$15/item

Special packaging

Medium box$5
Large box$10
Standard$12.50 per 10 minutes
Expedited$25.00 per 10 minutes

Checkstream Check Deposit

Check DepositOne-time$10/check
Check Deposit Plan30 checks/mo free
$2/check after
Premium (Office Mail Automation) Plan30 checks/mo free
$2/check after
Checkstream Add-on
(for mail plans)
$35/mo + $2/check
Checkstream Pro Plan30 checks/mo free
$2/check after
Checkstream Premium Plan125 checks/mo free
$2/check after
Checkstream High-Volume Plan265 checks/mo free
$2/check after
Checkstream Enterprise Plan575 checks/mo free
$1.80/check after
Returned Check Fee$10/check

Secure Shredding

All plansFree


Additional fees may apply to certain plans and/or services. All Earth Class Mail plans carry an associated $50 cancellation fee that covers the cost of handling your paper and mail for an additional six months after closing an account.