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The paperless office, perfected.

No more sorting mail, shuffling paper, scanning receipts, or trips to deposit checks. Aggregate, automate, and archive all your paper documents.

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Office Mail Automation, Made Just for Businesses.

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Digital Mail is Actionable Mail

Manage office mail like email. Receive important mail as digital documents and take immediate action. Setup notifications, automatically deposit checks, and save or forward critical mail, instantly.

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More Than Mail

Now with the addition of Shoeboxed, we'll take the hassle out of digitizing all your receipts by scanning them and extracting key data so that you file expense reports, tax returns and stay audit-ready.

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Integrate Seamlessly

Send digital mail into the applications that you already use to run your business. From accounting and billing software like QuickBooks, Xero, and to storage applications like Box, DropBox, and Google Drive, we have you covered.

Clutter leads to important mail getting lost or mishandled.

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Documents: Scanned and Searchable

Have stacks of mail or other documents piling up in your office? We’ll scan your documents in our secure facilities, making them fully searchable digital documents you check like email from anywhere.

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Checks: Deposited

Our online tools identify checks and deposit them quickly and, if you like, automatically - with no trips to the bank. Record payments and reconcile invoices instantly when you integrate with Xero or QuickBooks Online.

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Invoices: Integrated Seamlessly

With available integrations into your accounting and billing systems, we can help settle invoices with zero paper shuffling.

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Companies large and small are automating
their business mail everyday.

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Virtual Headquarters: Centralize your Mail

Choose a premier virtual address and never have to change your address again. Securely manage your centralized mail, deposit checks, and the shipping and receiving of packages from your computer or phone.

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Fully Auditable & Always Secure

All mail is received at our operations center, which is protected 24/7 by security cameras and entry-controlled doors. All documents are scanned by HIPAA certified technicians, then digitally encrypted and delivered to your secure Earth Class Mail portal.

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