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Thousands of businesses run on Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail makes running your business easy, efficient and secure. Start receiving all your business correspondence at one of our prestigious addresses.

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  • Reclaim your time

    Earth Class Mail customers spend less time dealing with their postal mail, freeing up hours every week to focus on doing what they love.

  • Always Secure & Available

    Your physical mail is kept in highly secured facilties, available for you to access online whenever or wherever your need it.

  • Prestigious Addresses

    Earth Class Mail customers use our street addresses as a prestigious alternative to registering their businesses at a residential addresses.

Using our Earth Class Mail address from the beginning has simplified so much as we've grown, moved offices, brought on administrative help.

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How Does It Work?

Have your incoming mail delivered to one of our prestigious addresses. We'll take it from there: we can scan the contents, deposit any incoming checks, securely shred it, or forward it to you (or somebody else) anywhere in the world.

  1. Nyc map 77c9d1b82a21a92e9c5291326d7264ca1b87364a220da4298f14fe00f187d370 Step 1

    Use one of our prestigious street addresses.

    We have real street addresses all over the country: Park Avenue in New York, Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, Market Street in San Francisco — to name a few. Change your registered business address to one of ours, and we'll take it from there.

  2. Manage iphone dc10eae1b6f341de8629976ecd8ddf32545dc6a78f756b3f97a9308e4b3be205 Step 2

    Snail mail in the cloud.

    Here's where the magic happens: we can scan all the mail you receive so you can access it in a web browser, at any time or from anywhere — whether you're around the corner, or on vacation thousands of miles away.

  3. Act e5238940bfba387f25da9bf3cba5f17eb6b287017406b2748e04149fafebe1f0 Step 3

    Act on it.

    We don't just receive your mail for you — we'll help you act on it. Receive a check? We'll deposit it for you. Or maybe a bill you have to pay? No problem — we integrate with Need us to forward it? Easy — we'll ship it to you anywhere in the world.

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