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A Modern Makeover for Office Mail

We’ve acquired Shoeboxed! Read more here. Learn how we transform daily piles of mail, checks, invoices, and correspondence into actionable digital documents. Automate everything forever.

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Welcome to the world of
Office Mail Automation

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digital mail is actionable mail

Have all of your important office mail delivered as digital documents that you can do something with. Easily discard junk, save and forward critical mail.

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your mail goes where you go

You no longer have to be physically present to receive your mail. Check your mail from anywhere in the world, and never be tied to a physical location again.

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Use the apps you love

Seamlessly integrate your digital mail into the applications that run your business. From accounting and billing software to storage applications, we have you covered.

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Clutter leads to important mail getting lost or mishandled. Checks don’t get deposited, invoices don’t get paid - let’s fix that.

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Checks: Deposited Automatically

Our online tools help you identify checks and deposit them quickly and automatically - with no trips to the bank

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Invoices: Integrated Seamlessly

With available integrations into your accounting and billing systems, we can help settle invoices with zero paper shuffling.

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Share 374ad95899a2578e924b277779a0065884c290b399b683a16224c95086c8143c

Make Mail Actionable: Get Important Mail to the Right People

With Earth Class, you have control over your digital mail. Decide what to scan, what to shred, and send documents to attorneys, accountants, and colleagues.

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10,000 companies are automating their
business mail everyday

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Virtual Address: easily set up an address for your business

Choose a premier address as your virtual headquarters and never have to change your address again. Securely manage your mail, deposit checks, and the shipping and receiving of packages from your computer or phone.

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Fully auditable 7f0eaf06b5a753f22c76a3d082814bb74cc5957ca948f93cf89654cbb57251a4

Fully Auditable and Secure

Mail is delivered directly to our operations center, which is fully monitored 24/7. Each piece of mail is handled by our HIPAA certified technicians and logged into your account. Every view and action is recorded for future reference and peace of mind.

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