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Rise of the CFO for Hire

Financial officers play a number of significant strategic operational roles within a rising business, but a new trend is emerging within the community: The CFO for Hire. Learn what this means and if it’s a fit for your own business.

The Modern Workplace: Paper and Mail Management

Businesses are leveraging technology to digitize and act on critical information. Yet companies have come to accept paper-based workflows despite the increasingly digital nature of their other business processes. Learn about the trends shaping the modern workplace and how you can usher your paper-based processes into the digital future.

How to Create and Maintain a Paperless Law Firm

Law firms of all sizes, from small solo practices to multinational firms, can benefit from better managing the paper bound information in their offices. Firms that digitize their documents through technology solutions are able to size down their offices, find information quicker, and automate more of their organization. Learn how your firm can get started creating and maintaining a paperless, or more paper-light, practice.

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