Access your virtual mail from anywhere

Receive your postal mail at one of our addresses and get digitized, high-quality, high-resolution, color PDFs uploaded to your virtual mailbox. Log into your account to search, sort, sync, share, or securely shred your postal mail.


MailBox Plans

For individuals and smaller organizations

For individuals and smaller organizations

MailRoom Plans

For larger businesses and enterprises

For larger businesses and enterprises

Plans to fit your needs

Starter MailBox

For solo business owners and/or anyone working from home


auto-renews monthly

Essentials MailBox

For small-to-medium businesses with multiple business partners


auto-renews monthly

Premium MailBox

For small-to-medium businesses with higher-volume needs


auto-renews monthly

Starter MailBox includes:

  • 1 business address of your choice
  • 2 recipients (e.g. you and your business)
  • 5 mail items/month
Essentials MailBox includes:

  • 1 business address of your choice
  • 5 recipients (e.g. you, your business, and your business partners)
  • 25 mail items/month
Premium MailBox includes:

  • 1 business address of your choice
  • 20 recipients (e.g. you, your business, and your business partners)
  • 50 mail items/month

How it works


Select an address

Choose one of our real, physical addresses to use as your mailing address.


We receive your mail

Your postal mail is sent to the selected address and securely processed.


We digitize it for you

Your postal mail is scanned and delivered into your inbox as a high-resolution PDF.


Access your mail online

View your postal mail and access our check depositing service from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Thousands of companies have trusted us with over 23 million pieces of mail and $4.6 billion in checks.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

An Earth Class Mail virtual mailbox is a digital mailbox service that gives you the freedom to access your postal mail

  • anywhere
  • anytime
  • from any device

With a virtual mailbox, use one of our 80+ real addresses to receive your mail digitally. Your postal mail arrives at one of our addresses and is carefully sorted, scanned for checks, and processed into high-quality PDFs — all viewable and actionable in your account dashboard.


Let’s take a look at some cool features

Protect. Organize. Integrate.



Working remote or managing your own business? Safeguard your private information by using one of our 80+ virtual business addresses to share with customers and vendors, rather than your personal address.



Never lose track of your mail again. Organize your mail into a digital filing cabinet with tags and folders by people or departments. You can even automate your account!



Save time and energy with our powerful software integrations to popular financial and cloud applications, such as DropBox, Quickbooks, Google Drive,, and more.

Print. Ship. Deposit.



Our scan quality is so good you`ll think it`s the original. Here is how it works, your mail is scanned and delivered to you as a high-quality, high-resolution PDF that you can download and print.



We make it easy for you to ship your mail or parcels around the globe directly from your inbox — from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. You can even request same-day shipments or schedule them for a future date.



Our check deposit service scans your checks, electronically endorses them, generates a deposit slip, and mails them directly to your bank. Use multiple banks or accounts, and deposit any amount.

Share. Save. Automate.



With a simple click of a button, you can share your high-quality, high-resolution, color PDFs with anyone even if they are not an Earth Class Mail customer. We provide you with a unique link for seamless access.



Get unlimited cloud storage as long as you are a customer with no extra fees or end dates! Save with our bundled packages with the Personal MailBox and Shared MailBox plans you get respectively 5 and 25 pieces of mail scanned and stored, with unlimited shredding and recycling.



You have all the control to set your preferred actions: request check deposits, securely shred and recycle, forward your mail, or share documents to popular cloud and financial software.

What makes our virtual mailbox different?

Easy to Navigate Mailroom Dashboard — Even on a Mobile Device!


Automate your mail to work for you


No third party is handling your mail,

only our trained staff (unlike our competitors)


Live Customer Support


Unlimited Cloud Storage


Access your mail from anywhere, on any device, at any time — with more automations, support, and storage than ever before.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a virtual mailbox for my business?


Yes, in most states you can use Earth Class Mail’s network of virtual mail addresses to register your business. We advise you to check your state laws or get legal counsel to ensure you are compliant with current laws.

What devices can I use to access my digital mail?


You can securely access your ECM account from any device. Earth Class Mail is available on the desktop application, iOS mobile app, iOS iPad app, or Android app.

Who handles my mail at a Virtual Mailbox?


No third-parties here! All our mail processors and on-site personnel have to pass a Criminal Background Check and are Earth Class Mail employees.

Can I sign up for multiple Virtual Mailboxes?


Yes, you can sign up for multiple virtual mailboxes, multiple addresses and with each account you can add additional recipients. The Personal MailBox plan includes one recipient per plan and the Shared MailBox plan includes five recipients. Our business plans include additional recipients, see more information here.

Do I have to pick up the items from my virtual mailbox?


No, you do not have to pick up your mail or parcel packages at a specific location. You can have your documents and packages conveniently shipped directly to your choice of address.

Can I get a virtual mailbox without a virtual office?


Yes, you can get virtual mailbox addresses and services regardless of your location. We recommend using one of our 80+ addresses available across the US to protect your personal address and provide a legitimate address to customers and vendors.

Are virtual mailboxes safe?


Earth Class Mail takes our customers' privacy and security into account at every step. No third parties handle your mail, only our highly-trained and background-checked employees at our centralized processing facility. We provide secure check deposit services, free mail shredding and recycling, unlimited cloud storage, and a secure software platform with two-factor authentication to access your mail safely wherever you are. Plus, limited access to user logins for each account user, item tracking, and proper storage and disposal of mail.

Can you receive packages with a virtual mailbox?


Yes, you can receive packages at your virtual address and have them conveniently shipped directly to your choice of address.

How can I change my address to a virtual mailbox?


Once you’ve signed up for our service, you will need to complete a USPS 1583 form authorizing us to receive and open your postal mail. Next, you will receive an email confirmation of your new address along with a Personal Mailbox Number. Then, start notifying your contacts and vendors of your new address and Personal Mailbox Number and you’ll be up and running and ready to use your virtual mailbox! 

When you receive mail, we’ll scan it and upload it to your Earth Class Mail account as searchable, color PDFs. You simply log into our web or mobile app and decide what to do next: open and scan the contents, ship it, or shred it. For more on how this works, go here.

How much does a virtual mailbox cost?


Our individual plans start at just $19/month! This includes 1 recipient, 1 free virtual address (Beaverton, OR), 50 pieces of mail scanned, 30 days of free mail storage, and free shredding and recycling. For more information about our plans and what’s included, go here.

Need help?

There are several ways you can contact us.


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