Virtual Mailbox for Individuals

Access postal mail anywhere with a virtual mailbox

Forward your mail to our secure processing facility using our virtual addresses and receive high-resolution PDFs that you can access anywhere.

Our virtual mailbox plans give you the ability to receive your postal mail online, no matter where you are.

How a Virtual Mailbox Works


We get your mail

Select a street address or PO box from 80+ locations to use as your virtual address.


We scan it

We take your postal mail and transform it into fully searchable digital PDFs.


You take action

View, search, forward, and integrate with cloud services. Store, shred, or ship physical copies.

All MailRoom plans include


50 pieces of mail per month


Free secured shredding services


30 days of physical mail storage



Connect with your preferred software

With our open API, you can link data automatically to any cloud storage provider or proprietary system. Check deposits can also be integrated with most accounting software.


Frequently asked questions

How quickly can I start using my virtual address?


After you complete the signup process, you will receive an email with your 5 digit Personal Mailbox Number. This will be part of your new address and must appear on every mail item we receive in your name. You can start forwarding your mail to your new virtual address immediately. However, Earth Class Mail can’t start opening/scanning your postal mail until you have completed and notarized the USPS 1583 form.

How do I receive my mail?


Your postal mail is delivered to your virtual address using your Personal Mailbox Number (PMB). This number is assigned when you sign up for your account, and should appear on all mail items we receive on your behalf. We can direct items to different users within your account based on how they are addressed. This can be done with individual or business names, titles, and departments. Items delivered to our processing facility in Beaverton, OR should appear in your account the same day. Street addresses generally accept items from all carriers and PO Boxes accept items from the USPS only, but some exceptions apply. Browse our address network for more details on individual addresses and exceptions.

Is virtual mail safe?


Earth Class Mail's technicians are screened and trained in order to ensure the privacy of your personal information. We are authorized by the United States Postal Service to receive and store your important mail and documents in our facilities. Earth Class Mail’s processing facility in Beaverton, Oregon is monitored and has restricted access. Every mail action is recorded in our secure database. To ensure the security of your digital mail, we use 256-bit AES encryption to store digital documents. You can also enable multi-factor authorization on your account for strict account access. Read more about how we ensure virtual mail security.

How do I access my digital mail?


If you sign up for a MailBox or MailRoom account, you can automatically access digital scans of your postal mail in your account via our web or mobile app. In your app settings you can control if you receive notifications every time a new postal mail item is scanned for you.

Is Earth Class Mail the right virtual mail service for me?


We serve both individuals and businesses with six different virtual plans. Review and compare all our plans here. To view over 80 addresses you can choose from, go here.

Do you have a mobile app?


Yes! You can download our iOS mobile app on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store for Android.

How does virtual mail work?


Our virtual mail service lets you forward your mail to our secure processing facility using a virtual address from our national network. We then scan it and send you high-resolution PDFs that you can access from anywhere in the world. For more information read "How Virtual Mail Works".

Can I use a virtual address for business registration?


Yes, in most states you can use Earth Class Mail’s network of virtual mail addresses to register your business. We advise you check your state laws or get legal counsel to ensure you are compliant with current laws.

How does having a virtual address help me?


You can use virtual addresses for many different purposes, as a business or as an individual. If you live abroad or travel a lot, you can rest assured that you can access your postal mail online, from anywhere in the world. If you’re thinking of starting your own business, a virtual mail address helps protect your personal privacy. If you already own a business, you can expand into multiple markets using several virtual addresses or you can go remote since all your employees will be able to access their important mail, checks, invoices and contracts in one online location.

How does check deposit work?


Our check deposit service allows us to scan and deposit any checks you receive in the mail by mailing your checks to your bank. You can set up your bank account(s) in your Earth Class Mail account settings and enable automated check deposit to enjoy hands-free check deposit when a check is detected in your mail. There are no deposit limits and no credit checks. To enable the check deposit feature you must first sign up for a MailBox or MailRoom plan and enable the check deposit feature during the checkout process. Read more about automated check deposits.

How long does it take to get my mail online?


Once we receive your postal mail, it takes 24-48 hours to scan it and upload it to your account. For fastest access we recommend using our Beaverton, Oregon address, where our processing facility is based. Items received in cities without a processing facility require additional transit time (1-3 business days). Deliveries from cities like New York, San Francisco and Seattle usually reach our facility the next day. During the COVID pandemic, our processing times might take a bit longer than usual.

Are your services available worldwide?


Yes, if you want to receive mail at a virtual address in the US you can sign up with Earth Class Mail from anywhere in the world. To handle your postal mail on your behalf you need to fill in the United States Postal Services (USPS) form 1583. This form then needs to be notarized by a public notary who will ask you to provide two copies of ID. The notary we partner with speaks both English and Spanish so you must be comfortable navigating the notarization interview in one of those languages. Your ID must also be in a language that uses the Latin alphabet.

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