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Business Address

Get a virtual address for your business

Our national network of 80+ U.S. addresses and PO boxes is the perfect solution for your business. Share your virtual address with customers, business partners, and investors.

How Business Address Works

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Select your new business address

Choose an address from our national network of 80+ addresses.

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We assign a suite number

We provide unique suite numbers for each Earth Class Mail business address you select. As we receive your postal mail, we will deliver it to your account.

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Use your new address everywhere

Share your new address with your customers and teams. It's a perfect addition to your brand. You can even use it in your email footer to stay CANSPAM compliant.

Business Address Benefits

All the benefits of a professional address, none of the hassle

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Work from anywhere

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a digital nomad, or a remote company, you can do business on your terms. We'll take care of the postal mail.

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Complete your business identity

Your business address is an important piece of your brand. Using the right address can help create a great impression.

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Capture new customers

Reach beyond your neighborhood. Expand your business' footprint to any U.S. state with a local street address or PO box.

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We are so glad that we decided to subscribe earlier this year. We routed all of our new mail through Earth Class Mail ahead of an office move in July. We love this solution and are already telling others about it.

James Gadsby

COO and Development Director, Desire Street Ministries

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Earth Class Mail the right virtual mail service for me?

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We serve both individuals and businesses with six different virtual plans. Review and compare all our plans here. To view over 80 addresses you can choose from, go here.

Can I use a virtual address for business registration?

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Yes, in most states you can use Earth Class Mail’s network of virtual mail addresses to register your business. We advise you check your state laws or get legal counsel to ensure you are compliant with current laws.

How quickly can I start using my virtual address?

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After you complete the signup process, you will receive an email with your 5 digit Personal Mailbox Number. This will be part of your new address and must appear on every mail item we receive in your name. You can start forwarding your mail to your new virtual address immediately. However, Earth Class Mail can’t start opening/scanning your postal mail until you have completed and notarized the USPS 1583 form.

How do I choose the right virtual address?

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If location is important to you, you’ll want to choose a specific address from our U.S. network of 80+ street addresses and PO boxes. Be sure to take note of which mail carriers deliver to the address you’re considering. With the exception of our Personal and Shared plans, all plans allow you to choose any virtual address from our network.

If you don’t need an address in a specific locale, consider signing up for a Personal or Shared MailBox plan. These plans include our Beaverton, Oregon street address and deliver the same great service as other plans but for a lower monthly price.

How does having a virtual address help me?

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You can use virtual addresses for many different purposes, as a business or as an individual. If you live abroad or travel a lot, you can rest assured that you can access your postal mail online, from anywhere in the world. If you’re thinking of starting your own business, a virtual mail address helps protect your personal privacy. If you already own a business, you can expand into multiple markets using several virtual addresses or you can go remote since all your employees will be able to access their important mail, checks, invoices and contracts in one online location.

Is virtual mail safe?

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You can trust Earth Class Mail with both your physical and digital mail. All our mail technicians are screened, have approved background checks, and are HIPAA trained. This means that they are trained to act in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 so that they can ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. We are authorized by the United States Postal Service to receive and store your important mail and documents in our facilities. Earth Class Mail’s processing facility in Beaverton, Oregon has restricted access, each work area is video monitored and every mail piece action is recorded in our secure database. To ensure the security of your digital mail we use 256-bit AES encryption (one of the strongest block ciphers available) to store digital documents and are introducing multi-factor authorization for strict account access. Read more about how we ensure virtual mail security.

How do I use my virtual address?

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Once you’ve signed up for our service, you will have to complete a USPS 1583 form which will allow us to receive and open your postal mail. After that, you will receive an email confirmation of your new address along with a Personal Mailbox Number. To start receiving mail, you also need to inform your contacts and vendors of your new address and Personal Mailbox Number.

When you receive mail, we’ll scan it and upload it to your Earth Class Mail account in PDF format. You simply log into our web or mobile app and decide what to do next: open and scan the contents, ship it, or shred it. For more on how this works, go here.

How long does it take to get my mail online?

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Once we receive your postal mail, it takes 24-48 hours to scan it and upload it to your account. For fastest access we recommend using our Beaverton, Oregon address, where our processing facility is based. Items received in cities without a processing facility require additional transit time (1-3 business days). Deliveries from cities like New York, San Francisco and Seattle usually reach our facility the next day. During the COVID pandemic, our processing times might take a bit longer than usual.

What is a virtual address?

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A virtual address is a real, physical address that can be used remotely as a mailing address or business address without the need for you or your business to physically occupy that space.

How do I access my digital mail?

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If you sign up for a MailBox or MailRoom account, you can automatically access digital scans of your postal mail in your account via our web or mobile app. In your app settings you can control if you receive notifications every time a new postal mail item is scanned for you.

How do I receive my mail?

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Your postal mail is delivered to your virtual address using your Personal Mailbox Number. This number is assigned when you sign up for your account, and should appear on all mail items we receive on your behalf. We can direct items to different users within your account based on how they are addressed. This can be done with individual or business names, titles and departments. Items delivered to one of our processing facilities should appear in your account the same day. Street addresses generally accept items from all carriers (except for our San Francisco addresses that cannot accept Fedex deliveries). PO Boxes accept items from the USPS only. Browse our address network for more details on individual addresses.

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