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Business Address

Get a virtual address for your business

Our national network of 80+ U.S. addresses and PO boxes is the perfect solution for your business. Share your virtual address with customers, business partners, and investors.

How Business Address Works

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Select your new business address

Choose an address from our national network of 80+ addresses.

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We assign a suite number

We provide unique suite numbers for each Earth Class Mail business address you select. As we receive your postal mail, we wil deliver it to your account.

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Use your new address everywhere

Share your new address with your customers and teams. It's a perfect addition to your brand. You can even use it in your email footer to stay CANSPAM compliant.

Business Address Benefits

All the benefits of a professional address, none of the hassle

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Work from anywhere

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a digital nomad, or a remote company, you can do business on your terms. We'll take care of the postal mail.

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Complete your business identity

Your business address is an important piece of your brand. Using the right address can help create a great impression.

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Capture new customers

Reach beyond your neighborhood. Expand your business' footprint to any U.S. state with a local street address or PO box.

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We are so glad that we decided to subscribe earlier this year. We routed all of our new mail through Earth Class Mail ahead of an office move in July. We love this solution and are already telling others about it.

James Gadsby

COO and Development Director, Desire Street Ministries

Ask Us

Frequently Asked Questions

How does mail storage on the cloud work vs physical storage, and what are the fees?

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We store both the physical mail we receive, and the digital copies we create after scanning your mail. There are two types of storage you should be familiar with: Physical Mail Storage — when we store the tangible, physical original of your mail in one of our facilities. Cloud Mail Storage — the digital scans we produce when we induct and process your mail. Your subscription automatically includes 30 days of free storage for your mail, and 10 days of free storage for your packages.

Will you open and scan the contents of my mail?

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Yes. We will scan the contents into a fully searchable PDF that you can view in your account, sync to Google Drive, Dropbox, or, or download to your local computer.

Can I use my new address for business registration?

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Yes. You can use your full ECM address to register your business with any of our street addresses. All of our street addresses are commercial addresses, and should be accepted for business registration.

How do I receive my mail and how long does it take?

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Helpful Hints for Receiving Items: Items are delivered to your account using your Earth Class Mail number. This number is assigned when you sign up for your account, and should appear in the address for all mail we receive on your behalf. We can direct items to different users within your account based on how they are addressed. This can be done with individual or business names, titles and departments. Items delivered to one of our processing facilities should appear in your account the same day. Items received in cities without a processing facility require additional transit time. Street addresses generally accept items from all carriers. PO Boxes accept items from the USPS only. Check our address page for details.

What is a USPS 1583 Form?

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The U.S. Postal Service requires all Commercial Mail Receiving Agents (CMRA) to collect a notarized USPS Form 1583 from customers to ensure you are who you say you are and that your mail is only being received by you.

How quickly can I start using the address?

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You can start using the address immediately. After you complete the sign-up process, you will receive an email with your 5 digit number. However, Earth Class Mail can’t start opening/scanning until we have the 1583 form back.

Find a new way to access your postal mail.


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