Get a Virtual Business Address

Our national network of 80+ U.S. addresses and PO boxes is the perfect solution for your business. Share your virtual address with customers, business partners, and investors.

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All the benefits of a professional address, none of the hassle

Pick an address, any address. Attract attention with marquee addresses in San Francisco and New York, or setup a local address presence in any market with just a few clicks.

Work From Anywhere, Never Lose Touch

Solo entrepreneur, mobile office, road warrior, remote company,
digital nomad - whatever the reason, Earth Class Mail is the ideal
solution to keep a consistent U.S. mailing address. Do business on your
terms, we'll take care of the mail.

Complete Your Business Identity

Your business address is an important piece of the branding puzzle.
You don't skimp on your logo, your website, or your toll-free number -
so don't skimp on your business address either. It's not just about
mail, it's about a complete professional appearance for your business.

Capture New Customers

Reach beyond your neighborhood. Expand your business' footprint to 20+ major markets with a local street address or PO box, you can even add marquee addresses like Market St. and Park Ave. It's amazing what an address can do for your reputation.

All plans include at least one street address or PO box of your choice.

Here’s how it works:

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Our Address Network at Your Disposal

We secure and manage prime address locations, so you get all of the
benefits with none of the commitment. Choose just one or as many as you
want. You can add or remove addresses to any plan, at any time.

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A Unique Suite Number, Just for You

We'll assign a unique suite number for every address you add, all you
need to do is start sharing your new virtual business address with
senders. When we get mail, we'll use the suite number to deliver it to
your account.

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Use your new address everywhere

Share it with customers, business partners, and investors. It's
perfect for your website contact form and business cards, and you can
even use it in your email newsletter footers to stay CANSPAM compliant.