Earth Class Mail

Secure Shredding - So Your Confidential Information Stays Private.

Enable secure shredding on any plan and safely destroy documents you don't need anymore - keep the digital copies if you want. Our HIPAA compliant shredding is done on-site.


Protect your information, reduce risk of identity theft, & control storage costs

There's no need to carry the burden of storing physical documents or risk identity theft. Be confident that your documents are being destroyed in accordance with HIPAA, and your business is compliant.

  • Supervised, Onsite Shredding

    Our shredding takes place onsite, is performed by a nationally recognized provider, and is fully compliant. Select individual items to shred, or automatically shred certain items.

  • Why Secure Shredding Is Important

    Your business mail contains a lot of confidential and potentially personal information. Secure shredding reduces the risk of identity theft, or of compromising your business reputation. It's also a great way to reduce storage costs.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    All of the paper that is securely destroyed with our shredding feature is fully recyclable. It's not just a smart business decision, it's the right thing to do for the environment.

Stay compliant and confident with totally secure document destruction - free on any plan $99 & up!

Stay compliant and confident with totally secure document destruction - free on any plan $99 & up!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Mail storage hiw1 489x459 Step 1

    You send us your business documents

    You can point your business mail right to any address you select from our network, or just pack up and send your documents to that same address. We receive it, scan everything, then deliver the scans to your email (and your virtual mailbox).

  2. Secure shredding hiw2 489x459 Step 2

    Shred the physical copies, keep the scans

    Once the documents are delivered to your account, you can do whatever you like with them. Request that we open and scan your mail, then shred the physical copies, or store them securely. You can forward the physical items anywhere in the world too.

  3. Steps integration 0f1deef14118afe336a85593d01534f24efdfb0c8f2aaf3f5824345a7184941e Step 3

    Automate and do less work

    You can setup rules right in your virtual mailbox for how to handle mail from certain senders. Automatically shred junk mail, for example. Or, setup a rule that scans all your incoming mail, sends it to your cloud drive, then shreds the physical copy. Yes, it is that easy!

“I can't imagine going back now”

Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS & happy customer

Using our Earth Class Mail address from the beginning has simplified so much as we've grown, moved offices, and brought on administrative help. We always have access to the mail we need.

Alex Polvi

I recommend that all new companies use Earth Class Mail. I can't imagine
going back now.

Alex Polvi uses our prestigious address and cloud-based virtual mailroom so he can focus on running his business.

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