Earth Class Mail

Physical mail, as convenient as email

Earth Class Mail digitizes your incoming physical mail so you can manage it from your web browser, tablet or phone.


Use Earth Class Mail virtual mailroom services to digitize all your incoming mail.

Get a real street or PO box in a city of your choice, and scan and digitize your incoming mail so you can access anytime, anywhere. Send your scanned documents to Google Drive, Dropbox, or We'll even automatically deposit your checks.

  • Mail Digitization

    We're as surprised as you are that people still send us physical letters, so we're trying to ease mail into the 21st century by letting you receive your mail in an online inbox. With your mail in the cloud, it's a lot easier to automate — and you don't need an admin or staffed mailroom to do so!

  • Mail forwarding

    For some pieces of mail, a high quality scan isn't enough. When you need the physical original, we can forward it to you via USPS or Fedex with the push of a button. We can also automatically deposit checks for you, or forward your bills to

  • Secure Storage

    All of your digitized mail can be safely store securely in the cloud, forever. You can stop worrying about accidentally throwing away an important letter or losing a vital document. We can also store the originals in our secure facitilies.

HIPAA Compliance

Every employee completes HIPAA training and certification. Then we layer in bank-grade security, so you know that your mail is safe with us.

Here’s how it works:

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    We receive mail on your behalf

    We have real street addresses all over the country: Park Avenue in New York, Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, Market Street in San Francisco — to name a few. Use one of our addresses for you or your business, and we'll receive your mail for you.

  2. Steps cloud 2c2226be441009d7e0f8cb4e9333eb37498016494f717d94e5d5193eb54c6f07 Step 2

    You can read it on your laptop or phone

    We digitize your mail: scan it, and organize in your online mailroom. Access it from anywhere in the world — whether you're around the corner, or on vacation thousands of miles away.

  3. Steps integration 0f1deef14118afe336a85593d01534f24efdfb0c8f2aaf3f5824345a7184941e Step 3

    We'll help you act on it

    We don't just receive your mail for you — we'll help you act on it. Receive a check? We'll deposit it for you. Or maybe a bill you have to pay? No problem — we integrate with Need us to forward it? Easy — we'll ship it to you anywhere in the world.

“I can't imagine going back now”

Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS & happy customer

Using our Earth Class Mail address from the beginning has simplified so much as we've grown, moved offices, and brought on administrative help. We always have access to the mail we need.

Alex Polvi

I recommend that all new companies use Earth Class Mail. I can't imagine
going back now.

Alex Polvi uses our prestigious address and cloud-based virtual mailroom so he can focus on running his business.

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