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Forward Mail Anywhere In The World, Or See It Online 24/7!

It's better than forwarding. All your mail and packages get scanned. Then you get a copy delivered right to your email so you can see it online, or log in to forward it anywhere.

Get more flexibility with mail forwarding and virtual mail

Your mail gets scanned and sent to your email. When you want it on hand, or when you get a package, you can forward to anywhere that can be serviced by USPS or FedEx.

Simple, flexible forwarding

When you want something on hand, just create a shipment in your account. You can ship mail and packages anywhere that USPS and FedEx will deliver, domestic or international.

Take advantage of faster processing

Choose our Beaverton, OR location as your address and get the benefits of expedited processing at our main facility.

Complete forward shipment control

Combine shipments, open and consolidate items, add items to pending shipments, choose your forwarding carrier and method, schedule or delay forwarding, add insurance, track shipments and more!

Here’s how it works:

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Step 1

Choose a plan and address

Whether you get a little mail, or a lot - we've got the ideal solution. Choose an address from our national network , then start pointing mail and packages there.

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Step 2

Scan your mail, or forward it

All our plans include unlimited exterior item scans. If you want something faster, just scan the contents and view them online. When you need the physical copy, creating a shipment is easy.

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Step 3

Forward mail when, where, and how you want

With each mail forward shipment you have complete control over which items to include, how to package them, when to ship them, and how much insurance to buy. We'll even help you with customs forms.

“I can't imagine going back now”

Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS & happy customer

Using our Earth Class Mail address from the beginning has simplified so much as we've grown, moved offices, and brought on administrative help. We always have access to the mail we need.

Alex Polvi

I recommend that all new companies use Earth Class Mail. I can't imagine going back now.

Alex Polvi uses our prestigious address and cloud-based virtual mailroom so he can focus on running his business.

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