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Accountants, Get Your Time Back! Complete Document Management

Stop wasting time scanning paper, running to the bank, and moving mail around. Get all your clients' mail and documents scanned, full-text searchable, organized, and actionable.

Upgrade your tax, bookkeeping, or audit practice with end-to-end document management

Most document solutions for accountants only solve the digital storage problem. Now you can get a full-service street address, complete mail handling, hi-res scanning, full-text search, automation, and 3rd party integrations.

More Time For Billable Hours

Stop scanning, stop sorting, stop going to the bank. All your mail, and your clients' mail, scanned and available online 24/7. Manage one or multiple virtual mailboxes, add authorized users, and even send us your other documents for scanning.

Integrate & Automate Your Workflow

Every document we scan is converted to PDF with full-text search. You can link your account to cloud storage from Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive for the ultimate document management solution. Don't forget our app too.

Secure, Private, & HIPAA Compliant

We're certified HIPAA compliant, and all of your digital information is secured with a bank-grade 256-bit encryption. When you need to trash the physical copies, our secure shredding service destroys the documents onsite.

Here’s how it works:

Steps address
Step 1

Your mail and client documents come to us

You choose a plan and address from our network, then point all your mail there. Send over any documents you already have for scanning too. We receive each item, scan the exterior automatically, then deliver the documents to your account and send you an email notification. You can even setup an address for each client, or keep your existing address and just power it up with Earth Class Mail features.

Steps cloud
Step 2

Scan, search, sort, shred & more

Once the mail is delivered, you choose what to do next. You can scan the interior contents, securely shred, organize into folders, sync to your cloud drive, deposit checks, forward the physical copy somewhere and much more. Authorizing additional users to see some or all of your documents is easy too, you have complete control.

Steps integration
Step 3

Streamline your document workflow

Integrations and powerful automation features enable you to focus more on your clients. You can connect your documents to any other software your already use with our bulk scan export tool. Plus, the Mailbox Rules engine lets you automate repetitive tasks like syncing documents, shredding, and sorting to folders.

“I can't imagine going back now”

Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS & happy customer

Using our Earth Class Mail address from the beginning has simplified so much as we've grown, moved offices, and brought on administrative help. We always have access to the mail we need.

Alex Polvi

I recommend that all new companies use Earth Class Mail. I can't imagine going back now.

Alex Polvi uses our prestigious address and cloud-based virtual mailroom so he can focus on running his business.

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