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Go paperless with mail scanning, digital filing, and cloud integrations. All your business documents get scanned to PDF, then synced to cloud storage,, and more!

Mail Scanning

Receive the daily mail online
We'll receive all your mail in our secure facilities, carefully scanning what you want to keep and archiving what you don't. All your mail becomes fully searchable, digital documents you check online from anywhere.

Document Scanning Services

Make all your files digital & searchable
Filing and finding physical papers is a chore. Make life easier with a document scanning service - convert all your paper files to secure digital documents that you can organize, browse, and search online.

Powerful Integrations

Automate & connect everything
Integrate directly with Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. All your critical mail and documents are all connected, wherever you need them, and accessible anytime.
Automate your mail and documents and connect them to:
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“I can't imagine going back now”

Alex Polvi, CEO of CoreOS & happy customer

Using our Earth Class Mail address from the beginning has simplified so much as we've grown, moved offices, and brought on administrative help. We always have access to the mail we need.

Alex Polvi

I recommend that all new companies use Earth Class Mail. I can't imagine going back now.

Alex Polvi uses our prestigious address and cloud-based virtual mailroom so he can focus on running his business.

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Move your documents online

We turn physical mail into digital documents for thousands of companies everyday. Even better, we'll convert those reams of files taking up precious office space into fully digital documents—all available to you online in the same, secure interface. And if you ever need a physical document, we'll send it straight to the address you specify

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Automate Everything

Within your Earth Class account, you get to decide what actions to take on your mail. You can trash and recycle junk mail, deposit checks, download important documents to save, or forward to your attorney, accountant, or colleague. Finished with that letter? You can choose to store it, shred it or recycle it... "Handling" your mail has never been this easy

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Integrate with the Apps You Love

Earth Class wants to make taking action on your mail easy. That's why we have integrations with QuickBooks Online, Xero,, Box, Google Drive and others to help you close out invoices and save documents where you need them, and with a click of a button.

Companies large and small are automating
their business mail everyday.