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Secure Shredding

Safely destroy documents and keep the digital copies you need

Enable secure shredding on any plan and safely destroy documents you don’t need anymore – keep the digital copies if you want. Our HIPAA compliant shredding is done on-site.

Protect your information and control storage costs

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Send us your documents

Choose a plan and select from one of 80+ addresses from our national network.

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Shred the physical copies

Once the documents are delivered, you can have them opened, scanned, and then shredded.

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Keep the digital copies

Set up rules to automatically shred unwanted mail. Get your incoming mail scanned, sent to your cloud drive, and the physical copy shredded.


Our plans that offer Paper Shredding

We convert your postal mail into actionable, fully accessible digital documents

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Transform your business with our suite of products that provide solutions for your postal mail, checks, and documents.

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Whether you're living abroad or always on the go, managing your postal mail from anywhere will bring you peace of mind.

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Earth Class Mail has given us enhanced control and security of our postal mail.

Being able to manage paper mail online has allowed us to scale and focus on driving innovation in our platform.

James Gadsby

COO and Development Director, Desire Street Ministries

Ready to securely shred your postal mail?


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