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Go beyond forwarding. We scan all your postal mail and the exterior of your packages, so you have a permanent record to see online, save, or forward.


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Combine your shipments and choose your selected forwarding carrier and method — all from within your account.

How Mail Forwarding Works


Choose a plan and address

Choose a plan and select from one of 80+ addresses from our national network.


We scan your postal mail

All plans offer unlimited digital copies, but if you need a physical copy, we can ship it to you.


We forward your postal mail

You control your shipment: what it includes, how to package it, timelines and insurance. We'll even help with customs forms.

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Our plans that offer Mail Forwarding

We convert your postal mail into actionable, fully accessible digital documents



Transform your business with our suite of products that provide solutions for your postal mail, checks, and documents.

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Whether you're living abroad or always on the go, managing your postal mail from anywhere will bring you peace of mind.

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Frequently asked questions

How Long Does Mail Forwarding Last?


The length of mail forwarding depends on which option you choose: temporary or permanent. Temporary mail forwarding requires users to list an end date when signing up, between 15 and 364 days from the date it was requested.

Permanent mail forwarding lasts for 12 months and you will need to inform anyone who mails you letters or packages of your new address. USPS will notify you when your mail forwarding is about to expire.

How to forward mail?


How you forward mail depends on the situation, you have three options:

1. Forwarding mail to your new address:  

If you have a new address and you want to forward mail to it, you need to change it with USPS. To do that, please visit your local Post Office and bring two forms of ID with you. You can change your address permanently or temporarily. Temporary address changes range from 15 days to 1 year. If you change your address online, there will be a $1.00 fee. However, if you forgot to change your address at USPS before moving, you need to find someone who is able to forward your mail from your old location.

2. Forwarding mail to someone else address:

If you need to forward mail to someone who moved, like a family member or a friend, and you know the destination address, you can do the following steps:

  1. Using a black marker you need to cross out the existing address, then write the new address. You also need to mark the envelope “Moved or Forward” before mailing.

  2. Next, go to the Post office and fill out a PS Form 3575. In this form, you will change the address of the person that no longer leaves at your address. If you don’t know the new address of this person, you just need to write on the envelope “Moved – Return to Sender.”

3. Received mail to someone else:

In case you have received mail intended for someone else you should contact USPS so they could send someone.

Great alternative for mail forwarding

If you move often or plan to move in the near future, but don’t know the exact location yet, the perfect solution is a virtual mailbox service. Virtual mailbox providers offer mail scanning and mail forwarding to any location. With a virtual mailbox, you’ll be given a real street address– where all your mail is received, scanned, uploaded to your online account, and could be forwarded to any location. For more information, please visit

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