A real street address

A Real Street Address Regardless of Your Location

With over 80 addresses throughout the United States, choose the option that suits your needs. As your business grows, you’ll be able to keep a consistent public-facing address.

Business Registration

Register your business with a real business address to gain legitimacy and protect your private information. It’s not just about simplified mail management, it’s about the professional appearance your business deserves.

Virtual Headquarters

Choose a premier virtual address and never have to change your address again. Securely manage your centralized mail and check deposits from your computer or phone. Choose to scan, shred, or forward mail to the right people.

Secure Storage

We’ve securely processed and digitized over 13 million pieces of mail and documents to date. Physical copies are stored at our access-controlled and camera-monitored facility. From your interface, choose to ship to anywhere in the world or securely shred.


Simplify your AP/AR Workflow

Our platform identifies checks and deposits them automatically—no more cash flow delays or trips to the bank. Record payments and instantly reconcile invoices through integrations with your favorite cloud accounting applications. Share documents or auto-upload to cloud storage providers.

Remittance Address

Streamline your Accounts Receivable with a virtual remittance address and automatic check depositing. Upload payments to your favorite cloud accounting software such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Bill.com for a truly paperless process.

Check Handling

We’ve securely deposited over $1 Billion in checks for our customers to date. Improve cash flow by enabling Checkstream with Auto-Deposit, and automate your check handling from start to finish.

Accounting Made Easy

We take the hassle out of digitizing your receipts by scanning them and extracting key data with Shoeboxed. Easily create expense reports, prepare tax returns with IRS-accepted receipt images, and stay audit-ready.

“You Need Something Like This”

If you’re a remote company, you need something like this. Having a full virtual office solution is just not necessary, I don’t need a 1-800 number for people to contact. It’s just a really great, specific solution.

Allison O'Connor

Allison O’Connor
Owner & Chief Integrity Officer

Learn how businesses are introducing new efficiencies to their operations with Earth Class Mail.

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