Banker Boxes

Expedient Processing for Faster Discovery

Streamline your discovery by selecting a dedicated address for document intake. Leverage OCR technology to transform critical piles of documents into actionable files. Eliminate manual reviews and instantly access records, no matter how large your document collection.

  • Discovery Documents
  • Notices
  • Settlements
  • Payments

Dynamic Record Lookup

Accomplish more by forgoing manual document reviews for quick retrieval of digital documents. Easily surface information from anywhere in your documents using deep-search capabilities. Index files according to custom criteria to filter and instantly reference.

Security and Reliability

Our HIPAA-certified technicians have securely processed and digitized over 13 million pieces of mail and documents to date. All documents we process are digitally encrypted at rest and in transit and housed in a secure cloud environment. Hard copy documents are stored in our accessed-restricted facilities with 24/7 camera monitoring.

Intelligent, Actionable Documents

Digitize Your Workflows

Share documents with support staff or clients by adding users at varying access levels. Ensure privacy and security with detailed activity logs of every action taken on a document. Set Automation Rules to share incoming mail, upload to cloud applications, or ship to any address in the world with detailed transit logs.

Connect Data Across Platforms

Integrate your incoming mail and scanned documents with the cloud storage tools you’re already using. Automatically export scanned documents to your preferred applications to easily import into your other core business systems. Connect to other platforms or proprietary software using our beta API.

Secure Archives

Store hard copy records in a centralized and secure location only accessible to authorized personnel. HIPAA-certified personnel are required to pass a background screening and sign confidentiality agreements in order to manage records. Choose to forward to a physical location, store at our facilities, or securely shred hard copy files.

“It Saves Us Hours Every Month”

Checkstream makes depositing checks easy, secure, and fast. We used to let checks pile up, then walk them to our bank. We kept a spreadsheet of each check so we could reconcile each payment in QuickBooks Online. Now Checkstream does all of that for us. It saves us hours every month and gets money in our account faster.

Nick Kocinski

Nick Kocinski

Nick Kocinski uses our office mail automation platform to automate YCharts’ check deposits so he can focus on running his business.

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