Digitize your AP/AR Workflow

Our platform identifies checks and deposits them automatically—no more cash flow delays or trips to the bank. Record payments and instantly reconcile invoices through integrations with your favorite cloud accounting applications. Share documents or auto-upload to cloud storage providers.

Remittance Address

Streamline your Accounts Receivable using a virtual remittance address and automatic check depositing. Upload payments to your favorite cloud accounting software such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, and for a truly paperless process.

Check Handling

We’ve securely deposited over $1 Billion in checks for our customers to date. Checks received at our processing facilities are scanned immediately and uploaded to your Earth Class Mail account. Improve cash flow by automating your check handling with CheckStream and Auto Deposit.

Statement and Invoice Handling

Accomplish more by eliminating the need for manual data entry, and quickly search-and-retrieve documents with full-text searchability. Earth Class Mail integrates directly with your accounting software for instantaneous uploads of all statements, invoices, and tax documents.

Receipt Scanning

Turn Receipts into Data

We take the hassle out of digitizing your receipts by scanning them and extracting key data with Shoeboxed. Easily create expense reports, prepare tax returns with IRS-accepted receipt images, and stay audit-ready.

Connect Data Across Applications

Accounting Software

Quickly take action on your mail and documents through available integrations. Record payments in QuickBooks Online or Xero, or upload PDFs to reconcile invoices in Then, tag your mail items to stay organized and quickly reference documents based on your custom criteria.

Cloud Storage

Power-up cloud storage applications to fit your business needs. Create workflows that automatically send the documents you choose to the cloud, granting instant access to the right people.

“It Saves Us Hours Every Month”

Checkstream makes depositing checks easy, secure, and fast. We used to let checks pile up, then walk them to our bank. We kept a spreadsheet of each check so we could reconcile each payment in QuickBooks Online. Now Checkstream does all of that for us. It saves us hours every month and gets money in our account faster.

Nick Kocinski

Nick Kocinski

Nick Kocinski uses our office mail automation platform to automate YCharts’ check deposits so he can focus on running his business.

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