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Earth Class Mail:

Accountants and Bookkeepers

Built for accountants, CPA's, bookkeepers, wealth managers, and financial planners.

Usher your office into a paperless world

Earth Class Mail eliminates the pain associated with managing all facets of paper mail, and lets you focus on what’s important: running your business.

  • Document Management & Scanning Services Secure physical document storage at our 24/7 monitored facility, and unlimited cloud storage through Earth Class Mail. Now you don’t have to decide what’s important to keep: everything is scanned and accessible with the touch of a button.
  • Check Handling Checks that arrive at our processing facilities are scanned immediately, uploaded to your dedicated portal, and automatically deposited into the correct accounts.
  • Statements and Invoice Handling Earth Class Mail integrates directly with your accounting software, which allows for instantaneous uploads of all statements and invoices.
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Streamlined and Paperless - Modernize Your Office

Maximize productivity and efficiency by automating your office mail, without giving up any control or compromising security.

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Never worry about access again. All of your mail is available on demand with 99.99% uptime.

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Our access controlled mail processing facilities are monitored 24/7, and staffed by HIPAA certified professionals. All documents are encrypted both at rest, and in transit, giving you piece of mind that your data is safe.

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Once received at our processing center, your mail is available online same day, ready for you to take action on.

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CheckStream makes depositing checks easy, secure, and fast. We used to let checks pile up, then walk them to our bank. We kept a spreadsheet of each check so we could reconcile each payment in QuickBooks Online. Now Checkstream does all of that for us. It saves us hours every month and gets money in our account faster.

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Nick Kocinski, CFO at YCharts

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