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Accountants, Lawyers, & Wealth Managers

You get paid to be right. When receiving mail for your customers, you have to be accurate, and you need to take action fast. Earth Class Mail automates your mailroom and creates an audit trail through the whole process.

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Real Estate / Landlords

Get hundreds of rent checks every month? Tired of expensive and unwieldy lock boxes? We have a totally automated way to handle incoming payments. Checkstream makes it easy. Not to mention handling all those incoming city and state notices!

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alex polvie

ceo, coreos

Using Our ECM address from the beginning has simplified so much as we've grown, moved offices, and brought on administrative help. We always have access to the mail that we need. I can't imagine going back now.

Start Ups & Small Business:

If you run a small business, your job is every job. It's easy to get backed up on incoming checks, invoices and important notices. Earth Class Mail can digitize your office mail and help you stay organized, forward important pieces to accountants and lawyers, and deposit checks in a few clicks.

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Running things from your home? Moving all the time? Dealing with donor checks and bank runs? We have it covered – all while giving you a professional address in your city of choice.

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josh pigford

ceo, baremetrics

ECM has saved me from hundreds of unnecessary trips to the post office, while also giving us a real street address to use in all our marketing. It’s amazing!

Remote Companies & Teams:

No headquarters? No problem. You can get a professional address and be sure to get your mail reliably no matter where you are. Automation means you can deal with critical mail fast – forwarding to the right person.

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Enterprise & Large Corporations

Dealing with high volume, paper based A/R and A/P? Critical HR and government notices? We can automate it all and integrate into your workflow. Dealing with junk mail and employee mail delivery can also be meaningless tasks of the past. Let Earth Class be your virtual mailroom and end the headaches of office mail.

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Companies large and small are automating
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