Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail for Accountants

Imagine all your clients’ mail stored and organized in the cloud.

Meet Avery Dorland

Accountant, tax professional & Xero specialist

Earth Class Mail has saved me and my team hundreds of hours. We use it to scan all of our clients' incoming snail mail, automatically convert it to PDFs, and send them to Dropbox. It's a huge time saver and truly invaluable.

Avery Dorland - Accountant, tax professional, Earth Class Mail customer

If a client isn't using Earth Class Mail, I feel like I'm taking a giant step backwards.

Avery Dorland loves helping other businesses grow by making sure that they have good data, good tools and good advice. Earth Class Mail makes that easier.

Perfect for Accountants

  • Mail Scanning

    We'll can scan all incoming mail for you to read or download anywhere in the world.

  • Cloud Storage

    Send all your clients' scanned mail directly to Dropbox, Google Drive or Box for easy access.

  • Automatic Check Deposit

    Detect checks and deposit them electronically into any US bank.

  • Secure Storage

    Store letters and parcels in our secure facility. Free unlimited digital storage.

  • Secure Shredding

    Never worry about private documents — we securely shred them.

  • Live Support

    Your time is valuable. If you have any questions, we're just a phone call away.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Steps address aae27f4ff21585beef45ae8ab1dfac0b656862173e9b28450948635825d0e833 Step 1

    We receive mail on your behalf

    We have real street addresses all over the country: Park Avenue in New York, Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, Market Street in San Francisco — to name a few. Use one of our addresses for you or your business, and we'll receive your mail for you.

  2. Steps cloud 2c2226be441009d7e0f8cb4e9333eb37498016494f717d94e5d5193eb54c6f07 Step 2

    You can read it on your laptop or phone

    We digitize your mail: scan it, and organize in your online mailroom. Access it from anywhere in the world — whether you're around the corner, or on vacation thousands of miles away.

  3. Steps integration 0f1deef14118afe336a85593d01534f24efdfb0c8f2aaf3f5824345a7184941e Step 3

    We'll help you act on it

    We don't just receive your mail for you — we'll help you act on it. Receive a check? We'll deposit it for you. Or maybe a bill you have to pay? No problem — we integrate with Need us to forward it? Easy — we'll ship it to you anywhere in the world.

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