US Bank Mobile Check Deposit vs. CheckStream

CheckStream by Earth Class Mail Competitors and Alternatives Reviewed

How US Bank Mobile Check Deposit Works

US Bank Mobile Check Deposit is a business service offering remote check deposit via a native mobile app that can be downloaded on the users phone. Alternatively, the user can purchase a flat bed scanner independently and use US Bank’s online banking portal.

Unlike typical consumer app-based check deposit service, Mobile Check Deposit extends higher daily and weekly deposit limits more suitable to small businesses.

How CheckStream is different from US Bank Mobile Check Deposit

No Deposit Limits – Although US Bank Mobile Check Deposit for business does extend higher deposit limits, there are still deposit limits of $15,000 per day and $30,000 in a given 5 day period. That will still present issues for many businesses that collect more in deposits, especially over a given 5 day period. With CheckStream, there are no deposit limits.

Retain Payment Context – When depositing to US Bank via their mobile app, you only retain the check image. This is generally ok for consumer needs, but most businesses need additional context such as an invoice or payment coupon to help reconcile deposits with their A/R. With CheckStream, each deposit includes any included attachments from the payer including coupons and invoices. Each CheckStream deposit automatically returns a high-resolution PDF scan with full text search enabled.

No Bank Lock – US Bank remote deposit capture solutions all require that the customer maintain a business deposit account to process payments. CheckStream is completely flexible and works with nearly any bank. You can deposit to one or multiple banks, and multiple bank accounts easily – with no additional cost. That means you can switch banks without compromising your remote deposit solution.

Thousands of businesses, large and small, trust Earth Class Mail to the tune of more than 100,000 mail and check items each month!

By choosing CheckStream, you get all of these benefits:

Automatic Endorsement & Reconciliation – US Bank’s mobile check deposit solution still requires that you endorse each check, enter the specifics of each check into their deposit portal, and reconcile the deposit total prior to submitting. Using the app, these steps are repeated for each individual check – a time consuming and error-prone process. CheckStream automatically provides an electronic endorsement on each check and all deposit slips are reconciled prior to shipment. It’s truly a full-service product with real time savings.

Complete Audit Trail – Each check is received at our secure, video-monitored, HIPAA compliant facility. The items are barcoded, scanned, and tracked throughout the entire workflow. Any action taken in your Earth Class Mail account on each item is logged as well, so you have a complete audit log from the time it arrives to the time it’s delivered to the bank for deposit.

Robust Product Features – CheckStream is powered by Earth Class Mail, so you get all the benefits of our business-class platform. Record payments directly to Quickbooks Online, archive copies to your cloud storage service, send invoices to, run full text search on all your digital archives, and much more.

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Scott Rose @ Scott World

I am currently dealing with Regus and they do advertise mailbox forwarding. The reviews online are all very good but in my case, I have had nothing but problems. I sent a test piece of mail to see if it was forwarded to me and nothing came through.

Warrior Forum

If you’re running a business while on the road or if you have multiple friends to join together, [Earth Class Mail] is an excellent option.

Josh @ Travel China Cheaper

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