Traveling Mailbox vs. Earth Class Mail

Virtual Mailbox Service Review & Comparison

How Traveling Mailbox Works

Traveling Mailbox is a virtual mail and address service established in 2011. Founded by Travis Poole and Michael Puckett in North Carolina, it was built on the premise of “offering affordable online mailbox services”.

Traveling Mailbox offers three plan options, with varying limitations on envelope and page scans each month. The Extended and Small Business plans include a free shared fax line, no option for dedicated fax numbers, and a ScanPAK feature. The ScanPAK allows you to load up any loose paper items you want scanned into your account and send it to them each month for scanning.

How Earth Class Mail is different from Traveling Mailbox

Scan Limits – Traveling Mailbox has specific limits on both envelope scans and interior content scans, which means you pay for any overages on both. Additionally, Traveling Mailbox counts the front and back of a page scan separately.

Addresses – Traveling Mailbox uses relationships with independent UPS stores for its address selection. This allows them to offer 14 addresses in 13 states, but leaves a lot to be desired in the way of prestigious streets and suite numbers. They also don’t include addresses in their monthly plan fee, so that’s an additional cost that needs to be considered. Earth Class Mail exclusively operates all of the 20+ addresses we offer. This allows you to get better streets, choose from premium locations like Market St. and Park Ave., customize suite numbers, and even the opportunity to keep your own address while we handle all the mail. Every Earth Class Mail plan includes your choice of at least one standard address or PO box.

Security – Traveling Mailbox relies on 3rd parties to receive, sort and forward your mail to their processing facility. Earth Class Mail handles all of the mail directly, is certified HIPAA compliant by AccountableHQ, secures everything with a 256-bit encryption, and conducts comprehensive background screenings for any employee that handles mail or customer data.

Thousands of businesses, large and small, trust Earth Class Mail to the tune of more than 100,000 mail items each month!

There’s a lot more that separates the services, check out the table below for more information.

Feature Comparison Table Between Earth Class Mail and Traveling Mailbox

By choosing Earth Class Mail, you get all of these benefits:

Battle Tested – With Earth Class Mail you get a solution that has been relied on for over a decade by thousands of businesses. Trusted by independent entrepreneurs, digital nomads, startups, and global brands alike. We’re proud to have companies like Reddit, Lyft, Zapier, Baremetrics, and Expensify as our customers – just to name a few.

Unparalleled Expertise – While Traveling Mailbox has scanned 200,000 envelopes and half a million pages, according to their website, Earth Class Mail has scanned over 10,000,000 pieces of mail and nearly 100,000,000 pages to date. It’s the difference between processing a few thousand items a month and nearly 100,000 a month. That’s reflected in the sophistication of our product and the expertise of our team. It really is unparallelled in the industry.

Security and Confidentiality – Numerous reviews have said that Traveling Mailbox’s security protocols are not entirely up to the standards customers expect. With Earth Class Mail, you can rest easy. Our security standards are set to meet the strict demands of large corporations and government agencies, and our compliance is verified by 3rd parties like AccountableHQ.

Robust Product Features – Product features and tools are a core focus at Earth Class Mail. Beyond integrations, it’s simple to automate actions like forwarding mail, uploading to cloud storage, automatically scanning contents from certain senders, automatically depositing checks and much more.

True Month-to-Month Billing – Reviewers have said that Traveling Mailbox doesn’t make it very easy to move around plans or cancel. With Earth Class Mail, you can move between plans easily, or cancel anytime. Not that you would need to, since we build a lot more usage into our plans you won’t get hit with unexpected charges each month.

Comparing the costs: Earth Class Mail strives to deliver real value

Traveling Mailbox and Earth Class Mail have similar price structures, but Traveling Mailbox doesn’t include as much usage in their pricing, the plan fee doesn’t include the address (an extra $5-10/mo), and they also have significantly less features.

Although the monthly recurring fee may look like a lot less, that disparity goes away once you account for the plan limits. They have three plan tiers: Basic, Extended, and Small Business:

Compare that to Earth Class Mail’s more inclusive pricing:

Join thousands of customers on Earth Class Mail.

Automation plans start at $19 per month.