Post Scan Mail vs. Earth Class Mail

Virtual Mail Service Review & Comparison

How Post Scan Mail Works

Another boutique virtual mail service, Post Scan Mail is based out of Anaheim, California. Similar to many local mailbox stores, they offer three plan options based on usage.

There is one street address option, while the rest of the address network consists of PO boxes.

How Earth Class Mail is different from Post Scan Mail

Real Addresses & Marquee Locations – If you’re registering a business, or care to receive mail and packages from all carriers then you need a real street address. Post Scan Mail has just one street address option at 700 N. Valley St. Suite B, Anaheim, CA 92801. The rest of their network consists of PO boxes (extra fee up to 19.95/mo if you choose any of these). If you want a prestigious location, an address in a specific state, or multiple street addresses then you’re out of luck. The Earth Class Mail address network lets you choose one or more addresses in 20+ top markets, including marquee locations like Park Ave., Market St., Hollywood, Seattle and others.

Advanced Mail Scanning – Post Scan Mail scans are delivered as simple PDF files, just the basics. Earth Class Mail uses commercial, high-resolution scanners to deliver scans in PDF with full-text search enabled. That means you can search, sort, and manage your physical mail just like email. We don’t cut corners.

Truly Digital Experience – Post Scan Mail offers folders and filters so you can sort mail in your account, but it ends there. With Earth Class Mail you unlock powerful features, such as the ability to sync your mail to cloud storage services like Dropbox. You can even send your documents over to for a better accounting workflow with our custom app. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, there’s really no comparison when you consider all that you get.

Thousands of businesses, large and small, trust Earth Class Mail to the tune of more than 100,000 mail items each month!

There’s a lot more that separates the services, check out the table below for more information.

By choosing Earth Class Mail, you get all of these benefits:

Ultimate Privacy & Security – Earth Class Mail is a business-class solution, and there’s a reason companies like Reddit, Lyft, Expensify and thousands of others trust us and only us. We’re the only virtual mail solution that is certified HIPAA compliant. Your mailbox, digital content, and personal information is surrounded by a bank-grade 256-bit encryption. All physical mail is stored in secure facilities and video monitored 24/7. In addition, every employee that handles mail must pass a comprehensive background screening. If you care about the privacy and confidentiality of your mail, Earth Class Mail is the only choice.

Business Check Deposit – If you get checks, Earth Class Mail is the easiest way to get paid. Choose between electronic and manual check deposit options, depending on your needs. We’ll identify when a piece of mail has a check in it and notify you via email, we’ll even call it out when you log in to your account. From there, depositing is easy. Just choose your bank account and, in a few clicks, you’re done.

Comparing the costs: Earth Class Mail strives to deliver real value

Post Scan Mail simply doesn’t include nearly as much usage in their pricing, and if you choose any location that isn’t their Anaheim address there is an additional monthly fee (from $9.95-19.95/mo). They also offer fewer services, less features, just one street address, and leave a lot to be desired when it comes to security and privacy.

There are three plan options, starting at $14.95/mo + $9.95-19.95/mo for any of their PO box locations. The costs pile on quickly if you actually use the service. The plan tiers are: Starter, Standard, and Premium:

Compare that to Earth Class Mail’s more inclusive pricing:

What others are saying

I would really like to take a moment to congratulate you & say thank you for the amazing job that you and your team have done with Earth Class Mail… ECM is truly becoming a lifesaver for me, and it is absolutely ASTOUNDING as to how much detail & thought & technical expertise had to go into creating EVERYTHING that Earth Class Mail does.

Scott Rose @ Scott World

I am currently dealing with Regus and they do advertise mailbox forwarding. The reviews online are all very good but in my case, I have had nothing but problems. I sent a test piece of mail to see if it was forwarded to me and nothing came through.

Warrior Forum

If you’re running a business while on the road or if you have multiple friends to join together, [Earth Class Mail] is an excellent option.

Josh @ Travel China Cheaper

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