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How iPostal1 Works

iPostal1 is a digital mailbox service provider founded in 2007, and is part of the USZoom company portfolio. The USZoom portfolio includes: iCollegeMail, iVirtualOfficeMail, iResidentMail, iCorporateMail, and iAssistedMail.

iPostal1 both operates a virtual mail store of their own, and provides virtual mail management software to mailbox store operators on a revenue share basis. This strategy allows iPostal1 to offer more street addresses in their network.

How Earth Class Mail is different from iPostal1

Addresses - iPostal1 uses relationships with independent mailbox centers to offer a wide address selection. Unfortunately that also means they aren't in control of the level of service you receive, the quality of the scans, and who sees your mail. Earth Class Mail exclusively operates all of the addresses we offer. That means you get consistent service regardless of location. It also means you get address options for amazing locations like Market St., Park Ave., Seattle, Hollywood and many more that iPostal1 just can't compete with.

Security - iPostal1 entrusts your mail to independent mailbox store operators. That means a 3rd party is sorting, opening, scanning, and forwarding your mail. Earth Class Mail handles all of the mail directly, our operations are certified HIPAA compliant, everything digital is secured with a 256-bit encryption, and every employee that handles mail must pass a comprehensive background screening. Your privacy and security are considered the highest priority, and it's why businesses have trusted us to scan over 100-million documents.

Mail Scanning - iPostal1 mail scans are actually photos taken by the mailbox operator on their smartphone. That means your scans are lower quality, and not as feature rich. Earth Class Mail uses advanced commercial scanners for true high-resolution imaging. Every scan is then converted to PDF and enabled with full-text search. So you can manage and search your physical documents as easily as email.

Thousands of businesses, large and small, trust Earth Class Mail to the tune of more than 100,000 mail items each month!

There’s a lot more that separates the services, check out the table below for more information.

Earth Class Mail Plan Comparison

By choosing Earth Class Mail, you get all of these benefits:

Tested & Proven - Earth Class Mail is proud to have companies like Reddit, Lyft, Zapier, Baremetrics, and Expensify as our customers - just to name a few. Since 2006, businesses large and small have trusted us with their most important documents. iPostal1 just can't compete with the expertise gained from scanning more than 10,000,000 pieces of mail.

True Paperless Office, Collaboration, & Automation - Integrations with the cloud services,, and the ability to bulk export scans are just the tip of the iceberg. Automate repetitive tasks with our robust Mailbox Rules engine and add authorized users to your account for a truly virtual back-office experience.

Access Our Complete Address Network - iPostal1 will let you setup multiple addresses, but each needs to be managed under a separate account and plan. With Earth Class Mail, adding addresses is easy (so is removing them). Select one or more right from your account, additional addresses start at just $20/mo. Expanding your local address footprint has never been easier.

Join Thousands of Businesses on Earth Class Mail

Automation plans starting from $49/month.

Comparing the costs: Earth Class Mail strives to deliver real value

iPostal1 may look like the cheaper option, but digging deeper into the usage rates paints a different picture. Plans are broken down into four tiers: Green, Blue, Silver, and Gold:

iPostal1 Pricing

Compare that to Earth Class Mail's more inclusive pricing:

Earth Class Mail Pricing

What others are saying

“I would really like to take a moment to congratulate you & say thank you for the amazing job that you and your team have done with Earth Class Mail… ECM is truly becoming a lifesaver for me, and it is absolutely ASTOUNDING as to how much detail & thought & technical expertise had to go into creating EVERYTHING that Earth Class Mail does.” - Scott Rose @ Scott World

“While the service side (like email notifications, picking up and receiving of mail) of my experience has been perfect (I really like my mail center, nice people), the credit card verification policy is horrendous and I wish I had paid another $150 and gone with a different company — this is one of those times where I am paying dearly for my cheapness. This is my ultimate conclusion after signing up for and using iPostal1 for a few months.” - Kris Rivenburgh

“If you’re running a business while on the road or if you have multiple friends to join together, [Earth Class Mail] is an excellent option.” - Josh @ Travel China Cheaper

Join Thousands of Businesses on Earth Class Mail

Automation plans starting from $49/month.