USPS Informed Delivery vs. Earth Class Mail

Virtual Mail Service Review & Comparison

What is Informed Delivery by USPS?

Informed Delivery is a residential postal customer service that enables consumers to preview mail that is yet to be delivered. Pretty cool!

The Informed Delivery service was officially piloted by USPS beginning in 2014, rolled out to Virginia residents only. By 2015 it had been made available to residential customers in New York and parts of Connecticut. The expected timeline for a national rollout is sometime in 2017.

How Informed Delivery Works

Digital Previews – As part of their sorting automation, the USPS already digitally images the fronts of mail items that go through their equipment. With Informed Delivery they are making these images available to eligible residential households. The images are provided in greyscale only, and only for letter-sized items – magazines and flats may be added in the future, package images are not on the current roadmap.

Notifications & Accessibility – Informed Delivery subscribers will receive an email notification on any day that mail is processed for the household at USPS, excluding Sundays and federal holidays. Email notifications will feature up to 10 image previews, while any additional can be seen via the Informed Delivery dashboard. The dashboard is accessible online or via the MyUSPS mobile app, and images are stored for up to 7 days before being removed.

Eligibility & Users – Informed Delivery is only available to residential households. Business and PO box customers are not on the current roadmap. The service allows for multiple users per household, but it’s delivery point specific so that all users can see all mail coming to the household. There is no individual Informed Delivery service yet and no way to separate mail for roommates or families living at the same home address.

Cost & Ads – Informed Delivery service is totally free. However, the service is ad supported. Advertisers that deliver physical direct mail may replace or supplement their ads with digital ads in your Informed Delivery dashboard and notification emails. The ads are delivered in full color and allow for direct action in advance of receiving the physical mail item.

You can find the complete FAQ on Informed Delivery here.

USPS Informed Delivery Example

Informed Delivery Is An Amazing Service For Residential Customers

It really is. It’s great to see previews of inbound personal mail for two reasons: you can preemptively take action, and you can call out any items that get lost between imaging and delivery.

If all you need is to preview the outside of your mail before you get it, then this free service is perfect.

If you need more, like content scanning, unlimited storage, check deposit, and virtual addressing – then Earth Class Mail has a plan for you. Here’s a quick comparison of features…

Feature Comparison Table of Earth Class Mail vs USPS Informed Delivery

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