Davinci Virtual vs. Earth Class Mail

Virtual Mail Service Review & Comparison

How Davinci Virtual Mail Service Works

Davinci Virtual provides virtual office, meeting room, and receptionist services to business customers. Davinci offers mail receipt and forwarding as an add-on service in all of their locations.

In 2014, Davinci Virtual and AnytimeMailbox partnered to offer virtual mail scanning to their customers. Although Davinci has a large U.S. and international address network, the virtual mail scanning features are limited to select locations. It’s difficult to identify which locations specifically offer mail scanning on the Davinci website, but their support operators are able to confirm upon request.

How Earth Class Mail is different from Davinci Virtual Mail Scanning Service

A Consistent, Reliable Experience – Davinci does offer virtual mail at select locations, but they rely on a 3rd party to enable the user experience and control of your virtual mail. Similarly, the scanning and handling is done by the 3rd party operators that own each location resold by Davinci on their site. Unlike Davinci, Earth Class Mail exclusively operates all of our addresses, manages all operations internally, and maintains all of the application features so you have a consistent and reliable experience regardless of the address you choose or the plan you select.

Security & Privacy – Because Earth Class Mail controls the entire experience from start to finish, we are able to offer unmatched security and privacy. All of our operations are certified HIPAA compliant, your digital information is secured with a 256-bit encryption, and physical mail is stored in one of our monitored facilities. No other virtual mail provider can guarantee all of that. With Earth Class Mail your confidential business information will stay that way.

Cost Effective Local Addresses – Davinci Virtual mail forwarding and scanning prices vary by location, and the selection of addresses that offer scanning is hard to determine. With Earth Class Mail expanding your address network is easy and inexpensive. You can add most addresses to any plan for just $20/mo., and our Premium Addresses for locations like Park Ave. and Market St. are just $60/mo.

Thousands of businesses, large and small, trust Earth Class Mail to the tune of more than 100,000 mail items each month!

There’s a lot more that separates the services, check out the table below for more information.

The choice really comes down to what you want from a virtual mail service, with Earth Class Mail you get:

End-to-end Virtual Mail – By owning the process from mailbox to digital scan we can ensure the highest level of experience, enable robust features, and integrate with other services like Dropbox & Bill.com. We can also be their to help with our U.S. based Support Team to answer any questions you have about our addresses or mail services.

Unmatched Experience – We’ve scanned over 100 Million documents since 2006. Virtual mail, addresses, and document scanning is what we do. Davinci Virtual can offer a great conference room, and virtual receptionist service, but if you want to go paperless and optimize your back-office there’s simply no comparison – Earth Class Mail is the go-to solution.

Comparing the costs: Earth Class Mail strives to deliver real value

Davinci Virtual has a fantastic virtual office product, but mail forwarding and virtual mailboxes are an add-on feature. Pricing varies for the add-on from $16-50, and that’s on top of the base virtual office fee which is anywhere from $65 and up on average. Additionally, it’s not entirely clear what the mail scanning package includes when it comes to scans and usage.

Earth Class Mail’s plans are priced differently:

All of our plans include 3rd party integrations, mailbox automation, and world-class support by default. Pricing includes at least one street address from our network, and adding more addresses is really affordable.

What others are saying

I would really like to take a moment to congratulate you & say thank you for the amazing job that you and your team have done with Earth Class Mail… ECM is truly becoming a lifesaver for me, and it is absolutely ASTOUNDING as to how much detail & thought & technical expertise had to go into creating EVERYTHING that Earth Class Mail does.

Scott Rose @ Scott World

I am currently dealing with Regus and they do advertise mailbox forwarding. The reviews online are all very good but in my case, I have had nothing but problems. I sent a test piece of mail to see if it was forwarded to me and nothing came through.

Warrior Forum

If you’re running a business while on the road or if you have multiple friends to join together, [Earth Class Mail] is an excellent option.

Josh @ Travel China Cheaper

Join thousands of customers on Earth Class Mail.

Automation plans start at $19 per month.