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Virtual Mail & Mail Forwarding Service Comparisons

Earth Class Mail Competitors and Alternatives Reviewed

Shopping for a virtual mail, virtual business address, lockbox, and mail forwarding solution can be a serious challenge. The space is filled with options from small mom-and-pop shops to giant corporations.

Some companies offer a full suite of virtual business services, while many others specialize in just one or a few core features. Complicating matters further is the wide variety in pricing, features, addresses, and plan options.

It’s really important to choose the provider that best fits your needs, because changing course later on can be difficult.

So take your time, compare the alternatives, and find out why Earth Class Mail is different.

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Terms and Definitions

256-bit Encryption — Refers to a standard of digital information security used by banks and government organizations to protect the confidentiality of user records. Earth Class Mail encrypts all digital user data in this way.

Addresses — This refers to the virtual address network. It can consist of street addresses, USPS PO boxes, and USPS PO boxes with street addressing.

Automation — Tools and features, like the Earth Class Mail Rules Engine, that allow for certain processes or actions to be programmed and done automatically. Either on a set schedule, or when certain criteria are triggered.

Cloud Storage — An umbrella term for all of the digital copies of physical mail retained in your account. Commonly also used to refer to third-party integrations that allow synchronizing documents from a mail account to their own storage system, such as with

Content Scans — (same as: Interior Scans, Page Scans) This is the action of opening an inducted mail item and scanning the pages or items contained within. Some services charge by the page, Earth Class Mail includes up to 20 front-and-back pages per scan for free.

Exterior Scans — (same as: Envelope Scans) This is the action of scanning an envelope, flat, or package during the induction process.

HIPAA Compliance — A U.S. government standard for protecting confidential health information. The regulations are stringent and comprehensive. Earth Class Mail is certified HIPAA compliant by an independent third-party service.

Integrations — Third-party software and services that are connected to the application in some way. Earth Class Mail offers,,, and Google Drive integrations.

Keep Your Own Address — This refers to the Earth Class Mail feature that allows a user to retain an address they are already using when signing up.

Mail Forwarding — (same as: Forwarding) When a user requests that a physical mail item in storage be sent to a specific location. Usually this involves repackaging the mail item, filling out customs documentation if it is shipping internationally, labeling for shipment, and providing tracking information back to the user. The fees for these services are generally separate from monthly account fees.

Multiple Addresses — This refers to the ability of a user to add more than one address to a single account, and access mail for each address in the same account.

Physical Storage — Storing physical mail items in a local facility. Earth Class Mail offers 30 days free for every mail item you receive, and long term rates are available.

Premium Address — This refers to a location that is in a major market, on a recognizable street, and/or contains a custom suite number.

Recipients — This term represents how many unique persons or businesses you can set up under one account to receive mail. This can include family members for personal accounts, or employees for businesses. It can also include multiple unique businesses.

Secure Shredding — Shredding that is done on-site and by a qualified third-party proficient in document destruction.

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