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Earth Class Mail, the leader in office mail automation for over a decade, provides businesses with the most efficient and secure way to deal with physical office mail and now, other documents as well. As our world inches closer and closer to becoming completely digital, we solve a problem faced by most businesses today, especially those working with important documents, or who receive critical, time sensitive mail, or mail received on behalf, or in service, of their clients.

Current Openings in San Antonio, TX

Customer Support Specialist

We are looking for a Customer Support Specialist who loves helping people solve time sensitive support issues and who shares the same passion we do for our customers and our products. If you love interacting with people on a daily basis to help ensure rapid resolution of support issues we want you to join our team! The Earth Class Mail Customer Support Specialist is a full-time role that owns every customer relationship and works to ensure rapid resolution of issues driving toward customer satisfaction. Learn More.

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