About Earth Class Mail

Hey there! So you’ve found our secret hideout. We’re out right now, saving businesses from back-office villains, but you can learn some more about our team and mission below.

10,000,000 and counting…

We’ve processed a lot of mail since 2006. That’s thousands of businesses, independent entrepreneurs, busy professionals, and frequent travelers that never have to worry about their mail again.

Some day will be the last day you handle a piece of paper

At least one that has to do with mail, and we’ll be at the forefront of that change. That’s our vision and our mission. Everything you do for your business has moved to the digital world in some way. It really is crazy that so many important documents still travel by a method that hasn’t changed much since the days it was delivered by a messenger on a horse.

We’re focused on building a better back-office, making it easier to collaborate, getting your money to your bank faster, and taking action on important mail easier so that you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

The heroes that make it all possible

These are the people that make it happen everyday. Some of us have been with Earth Class Mail since before it was Earth Class Mail (Remote Control Mail anyone?).

From the guys and gals in the processing facility that make sure customers get their mail and the support team that tirelessly works to keep our customers happy, to the engineers that make sure the product works and the business team that makes sure the lights stay on – every single one of us is dedicated to delivering an amazing customer experience and a product that makes your life better.

Feeling inspired?

See our current open positions here or take Earth Class Mail for a spin.