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Your checks arrive at an Earth Class Mail address for scanning and processing.


You review your scanned checks online, then tell us what and where to deposit.


We electronically endorse your checks, then complete and reconcile the deposit slip.


Your prepared deposit is mailed overnight to your bank*.

Make your office mail intelligent and your business run faster.

Automation plans starting from $69/month.

We’ve reworked the lockbox from the inside out.

Dramatically easier to setup

No credit check required

Whether you're at day 1 or year 10, Checkstream is for you.

No deposit limits

Deposit any amount, as often as you need. No per-check limits.

No vendor lock-in

Deposit to multiple banks and multiple accounts, switch anytime.

No equipment needed

All the processing happens in our secure, 24/7 video monitored facilities.

Dramatically easier to use

Saves you time

Checkstream eliminates the hassle of endorsing checks and reconciling deposit slips.

All-in-one platform

No need to log into your bank or a separate portal for deposits.

Complete content scans

Everything in the envelope is scanned and archived as a PDF with full-text search.

QuickBooks Online & Xero integration

Easily record transactions, with PDF attachments, directly to your accounting system.

“It saves us hours every month”

Nick Kocinski, CFO at  and happy customer

Checkstream makes depositing checks easy, secure, and fast. We used to let checks pile up, then walk them to our bank. We kept a spreadsheet of each check so we could reconcile each payment in QuickBooks Online.

Nick Kocinski

Now Checkstream does all of that for us. It saves us hours every month and gets money in our account faster.

Nick Kocinski uses our office mail automation platform to automate YCharts' check deposits so he can focus on running his business.

Check out how Checkstream stacks up against a few popular deposit options.

  Checkstream Bank Lockbox Remote Deposit Capture
Contract No Yes Yes
Setup fees No Yes Yes
Cancellation fees No Yes Yes
Credit check No Yes Yes
Minimum balance required No Yes No
Bank lock No Yes Yes
Hardware (scanner) No No Yes
Software (locally installed) No No Yes
Maintenance (hardware) No No Yes
Content scans Included Extra fee No
Content OCR Yes Varies No
Developer API Yes No No
Digital copy storage Free, unlimited Paid, limited Checks only, limited
Deposit limits No No Varies (daily, weekly)
Check Endorsement Automatic Automatic Depends on hardware
Check Images Yes Yes Yes
Physical copy storage Yes, long term available Yes, long term available No
Cloud drive integration Dropbox, Box, Gdrive Varies No
Accounting integration QuickBooks Online, Xero, Varies Varies

Powered By Earth Class Mail Automation

The powerful mail automation platform we’ve spent years developing really shines for processing payments.

works for all your mail

No need for a separate mailing address — all of your mail and checks can be automated by Earth Class Mail. Empower employees to access critical office mail worldwide from any device.

fully searchable archives

Keep permanent digital backups in the Earth Class Mail cloud, there’s no storage limit. Search, sort, and filter as easily as email.

advanced integrations

No other platform provides advanced notifications and allows automated connections to cloud services like, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, QuickBooks Online, and Xero.

Earth Class Mail invented business mail automation—handling over 10 million pieces of mail for thousands of businesses.

* Overnight shipment to select banks only, including: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo. For additional details call: (210) 802-5211, or email: [email protected]