Titan Growth

Business Impact Stories: Series 2

Titan Growth

Company Profile

  • Founded in 2004
  • Headquartered in San Diego, CA
  • Titan Growth is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click agency that uses proprietary technology to help clients grow their business by improving their visibility on prominent search engines


  • Accounting staff losing time managing mail
  • Slower accounts payable process due to digitization process
  • Time spent organizing, sorting, and searching physical financial records


  • Office Mail Automation – Professional Plan
  • Bill.com Integration
  • Digital Archive


  • Elimination of all physical mail management tasks
  • Decision-making time on accounts payable process improved
  • Streamlined accounting process using ECM automations
  • Searchable records and digital paper trail for finances


Before adopting Earth Class Mail’s services in 2016, Titan Growth’s accounting staff was in charge of daily mail management. This meant that a significant amount of their time, and more importantly, billable hours, were being put towards mail management in an effort to make timely decisions on accounts payable and other financial processes. This included physically picking up the mail, opening and sorting it, scanning if it was a document of particular importance, and lastly, actually tracking down relevant personnel when a specific action needed to be taken.

We have an in-house accountant and she would go get the mail everyday, and have a collection of bills. She would have to track me down. We have two offices across from each other, and I could be at one office or the other, and she’d have to find me. At the end of the day, I’m the one that says yes ‘pay that bill’ or ‘don’t pay that bill’ or ‘what’s going on with that bill,’ and it was a nightmare.

Danny Shepherd, President of Titan Growth

Because physical mail continues to be a vital component of all businesses, Titan Growth was forced to deal with this reality. Having the accounting team double as a mail room was not an ideal solution, but it got the job done, and without a clear solution, they were stuck in this reality.

Customer Journey

After reading about Earth Class mail in a book written by Tim Ferris, Titan Growth began looking into mail management solutions and ways to automate their internal workflows to improve time and process management. Having two different business locations made accessing physical records difficult, which in turn delayed the sharing of information and decision-making times.

“There have been a number of instances where our accountant would have to scan a bill when something was due, and it would be a total pain to get me to try and look at it. But now I have the ability to look at it online.”

After Titan Growth came on board with Earth Class Mail, their processing time for mail management was reduced to zero. By removing mail processing from their accountants’ workload, and completely outsourcing it to a different address, Titan Growth immediately saw a number of benefits.

“In the past, if we needed to get an invoice, it used to involve someone going to a filing cabinet, opening it up, looking through the bills, trying to figure out where it was, and even wondering the document was in the right place or still existed. Now we have the ability to just search for it online and get it immediately.” With Earth Class Mail, Titan Growth is able to share records amongst their team digitally, cutting out time wasted on file management and locating specific personnel who needed to sign off on various documents.


In addition to eliminating mail processing time, implementing ECM’s solution also improved the efficiency of their accounting processes through the Bill.com integration. “It’s seamless. It goes from not having to look at your mail, not having to open it, not having to do anything there, to being able to have something just pop up and says “here are bills you need to pay”, and if I want to look at them I can, but if I know what it is, I click one button and it’s all paid.”

Armed with digital version of financial documents and an integration with AP software, Titan Growth’s accounting staff was able to focus on more important parts of the business: “at this point everything is so automated she doesn’t have to go into ECM. Because everything goes directly to Bill.com; and it’s great, totally streamlined. The ease of use just feels like we were in the dinosaur ages before and now we’re in the future.”

Companies large and small are automating their business mail everyday.

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  • Titan Growth
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