Practice Management Resource Group

Business Impact Stories: Series 3

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Company Profile

  • Founded in 1992
  • Headquartered in Pleasant Hill, CA
  • Practice Management Resource Group (PMRG) is a medical billing service specializing in Ophthalmology and all related sub-specialties


  • Mail management storage
  • Opportunities for streamlining processes


  • Office Mail Automation – Base Plan
  • QuickBooks Online integration
  • Digital Archive


  • Eliminated mail management
  • More streamlined financial processes invoice integration

Customer Journey

Hill was interested in pinpointing and eliminating unnecessary inefficiencies in his business, which caused him to evaluate PMRG’s internal operations. “I don’t want to get mail. I don’t like mail. I don’t want physical mail—ever. I want to get away from physical mail.”

“The thing that I wanted to get away from was getting mail, particularly getting mailed invoices and bills from my vendors.” But companies vary in their processes, so a mail automation solution was as close as he could get to eliminating a paper trail, and removing this daily nuisance from his radar.


Because PMRG is a small firm providing vital medical billing services, anyone could play a part in managing office mail. This also included PMRG’s CEO, Curt Hill. “We’re a very small company so I was doing it and there were several people doing it depending on where the mail came from.” But spending even a couple of hours managing physical mail was taking his time away from working to grow the company and service its clients.

Additionally, having multiple employees handle mail management lead to confusion about where documents were located, what had been dealt with, and what still needed to be taken care of.

“What I’m focusing on is running my business. For me, what that looks like is getting as much outsourced as as I possibly can.”


Using an automation solution has helped streamline PMRG’s financial operations. Hill reviews physical mail in his email and important financial documents are handled by his bookkeeper and imported into their QuickBooks Online account, through an Earth Class Mail integration. For Hill, an office mail automation solution has proved to be a hands-off olution that is easy to use and does not require constant monitoring or upkeep. “I’ve got a business that to a large extent, runs itself. And I continue to look for things that I can put in place that will allow the business to continue to run itself…and Earth Class Mail is a great piece of the puzzle in doing that.”

Companies large and small are automating their business mail everyday.

  • Earth Class Mail Easily Integrates With Zapier
  • Titan Growth
  • Lyft
  • Medstar Transportation
  • Expensify