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Business Impact Stories: Series 1

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Company Profile

  • Founded in 2016
  • Remote company; headquartered in Denver, CO
  • Elevation Solutions is a management and technology consulting firm that works with human-focused organizations to transform their visions into impactful and sustainable solutions using the Salesforce platform


  • Upper management losing time handling mail
  • Using personal address as business address
  • Travel time to and from PO box and bank in order to deposit checks
  • Check deposit delays impacting payroll


  • Office Mail Automation – Professional Plan
  • Checkstream
  • Digital Archive


  • Eliminated 45 hours a month of mail and check processing
  • Eliminated two week check hold times
  • Virtual mail centralized for easy distribution


As a consulting firm, Elevation Solutions quickly realized the need to establish optimal mail processes. Being a lean, remote organization meant that the managing partner, Allison O’Connor, was spending a significant amount of time traveling to their PO box and bank in order to get ahold of their mail.

I was figuring out when checks were going to be there, going to the post office, probably spending five hours a week going to the post office, going to the bank to deposit checks…as a managing partner, to spend five plus hours a week dealing with something like that was a nightmare.

This was eating up valuable time she could have been spending on work that was vital to the growth of her company.

Nonetheless, they needed to quickly process important correspondence for their new business, including client checks that were funding payroll. Additionally, the official business address of their organization was the same as O’Connor’s personal home address.

I was getting massive amounts of mail, so I would say that’s another four hours a week that I was sorting through tax mail, government mail, and all the business documents that I don’t even have to look at anymore and are all handled by our accountant, bookkeeper and staf.

Customer Journey

Even in the early stages of their business, Elevation Solutions knew that they would quickly need to resolve their mail issues. Before coming on board with Earth Class Mail in October 2017, the Elevation Solutions team tested different solutions.

They hired an administrative assistant who was tasked with mail management and check processing, but that presented a different set of challenges. Not only was increasing personnel adding costs, but it wasn’t solving their check processing delays. “We didn’t have a process to easily deposit checks. Our admin was only able to deposit certain checks, so depending on who it was that went to the bank, they would hold the checks.”

Seeking alternatives, Elevation Solutions also evaluated virtual office services. “We had been looking at doing more of a full service type of thing where we actually had a physical location where we did all admin things like call routing and we realized that we didn’t need that, it was too big.” What they needed was a reliable solution that could centralize their correspondence, and eliminate mail management and check processing from their already heavy workloads.


After hearing about Earth Class Mail on the Project Money podcast, Elevation Solutions decided to move forward. “We did the evaluation, we called you guys, the sales rep was amazing, and we were just like, let’s do it. Let’s change our life.”

Elevation Solutions was able to use one of Earth Class Mail’s Colorado addresses as their front-facing address. “We had a concern about the formatting of the address and if systems would take it. But it hasn’t been an issue.” And using the CheckStream automated check depositing solution, Elevation Solutions was able to eliminate the time spent retrieving and depositing checks, as well as the deposit holds that were hurting their liquidity.

Now, they take advantage of having vital correspondence automatically uploaded to their shared Google Drive. Elevation Solution’s Chief of Staff “does all the check request deposits and routes things to our bookkeeper if its tax-related or payroll related or anything like that. So she’s the main one that monitors it but I don’t really think about mail anymore, ever… I need to be making bigger strategic decisions for the company and not thinking at that level, so it’s great.”

Their advice for other remote companies and organization looking to optimize the operations? “I think if you’re a remote company, you need something like this. Now, having a full virtual office solution is just not necessary. I don’t need a 1-800 number for people to contact. So [Earth Class Mail] is just a really great, specific solution. And the check cashing is amazing. Because people still do use checks.”

As we’re internally consulting ourselves and building the best and most efficient company, this is a key piece of the puzzle for us.

Companies large and small are automating their business mail everyday.

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