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We love CloudApp

Here at Earth Class Mail, we strive to make you more efficient.   CloudApp makes sharing and collaborating crazy easy.

Need to share screenshots, files, or screen recordings with a single shortcut? Easy. CloudApp lets you do that and gives you a short URL link to share, and it takes just a few seconds. You paste that link in your chat room, email directly from app, or send/paste it wherever you need. Glance below to see the magic in action:


You can then comment or annotate on these assets to collaborate amazingly fast.

We use CloudApp constantly; when you’re not physically present with a customer or coworker, a visual demonstration is worth a 1000 words. CloudApp’s screen-recording ensures our people see exactly the right message we want to communicate.

We can also follow the history of any assets we’re working on thanks to a drop history which gathers all events related to the drop (comments, views, annotations, etc.). Our team leverages the open-tracking to see who we need to re-ping. As for security features, they are rock-solid: password protection, timed auto-destruction, and we control accessibility on team assets.

And guess what, you can give it a try with an added bonus! Coupon code: ecm-30.

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Lastly, a high five to our collective speed and budding bromance!


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