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Ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Earth Class Mail

April 30, 2021

You can’t eliminate your carbon usage completely  — every person and business uses some type of energy that affects the environment. 

So how exactly do companies, governments, and organizations become carbon neutral?

It’s not impossible. It requires you to put the same amount of resources back into the environment as you take.

That’s where carbon offset programs can help. 

What are carbon credits?

Carbon credits create an exchange between those wanting to reduce their carbon footprint with the people and programs helping the environment.

For example, it’s better for the environment when farmers and ranchers allow fields to regenerate. But it’s costly and affects their profits.

Carbon offset programs, such as Grassroots Carbon, connect farmers and ranchers with green businesses. 

Grassroots Carbon partners with farmers and ranchers to underwrite the costs they incur by practicing sustainable farming. Businesses that want to offset their carbon footprint purchase carbon credits, which go to the farmers. 

How big is my carbon footprint?

First, measure your carbon footprint so you know your starting point. Plenty of tools can estimate your carbon footprint. Those are educated guesses. You need details if you want to be certain that you are carbon neutral. 

GreenFeet, a software platform that calculates carbon usage, can audit your carbon emissions.

Ways to reduce your carbon footprint 

Aside from carbon credits, you can also reduce your energy use and waste. That’s one reason people and businesses have gone paperless.

Digitizing your mail can dramatically reduce how much paper you use. That’s where a virtual mailbox can help. 

With a virtual mailbox with Earth Class Mail, your important documents become digital and we recycle your junk mail and any other mail you don’t need.

We’ve always recycled junk mail and other mail our customers don’t want. Every week, we recycle over 6 tons of junk mail and other unwanted mail. Our customers’ mail recycling adds up to save over 1,000 trees a year. 

That’s why on Earth Day 2021, we celebrated our customers’ efforts. We partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant a tree for each customer. We’ve also committed to planting a tree each time a new customer signs up for the rest of the year.

Taking care of the environment requires more than mail recycling or tree planting. To become an eco-friendly business, we realized we need to make bigger changes in all the ways we do business. 

Earth Class Mail’s goal to become carbon neutral

Earth Class Mail set a goal of becoming carbon neutral by the end of 2022. To begin, we’re working with GreenFeet to measure our carbon footprint and bought carbon credits from Grassroots Carbon. We also help thousands of businesses across the United States digitize their mail.  

Businesses can choose to have checks deposited automatically and pick from more than 80 virtual addresses in major cities throughout the country.  

Interested in digitizing your mail? Learn more.

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