Virtual mailbox service: 5 things it can do to simplify your life

Mandy Kalish

Mandy Kalish

February 8, 2022

Virtual mailbox service: 5 things it can do to simplify your life

Retrieving your mail is one of those annoying tasks. Unless you’re expecting an exciting package, going to the mailbox is usually a disappointing experience made worse by the fact that you’ve got to sort through junk mail. Need a better way to manage your mail? Virtual mailbox services offer an ideal solution, whether you’re running a business, an ex-pat, a military family, a frequent traveler, or moving to a new city.

How can a virtual mailbox make your life easier?

Virtual mailbox services make your postal mail paperless. Your incoming mail gets sorted and scanned, and you receive a digital copy. Digitizing your mail allows you to view postal mail anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Plus, you won’t have to change your address ever again! Whether you move across the street or out of the country, your virtual mailbox can continue to receive your mail no matter where you are.

Five things your Earth Class Mail virtual mailbox can do from any device:

  1. Check deposits: Checks are automatically detected, and you receive an email notification. Access the check directly from the email link and request a deposit to any U.S. bank account with no limit on the quantity or amount. 

  2. Search items: access specific mail items faster with the search and filter options. You can search by recipient, sender, tags, and scanned mail.

  3. Schedule shipments: You can set up shipments or forward mail items and packages across the globe.

  4. Customize notifications: decide how often and what types of items you want to receive notifications for.

  5. Automation: Set up integrations, automation rules, manage storage fees, and much more.

With all of your mail accessible in the cloud, there are many ways you can customize your experience with Earth Class Mail; these are just a few! To learn more, visit

Are virtual mailboxes safe?

Virtual mailboxes provide more security than traditional mailboxes. According to the postal inspection service, mail theft crimes have grown by 600% within the past three years. Most people don’t watch their mailboxes 24/7, so mail sits unprotected while out of town or when you’re gone for the day. 

With a virtual mailbox, your paper and digital mail are also more secure. At Earth Class Mail we regularly test our system with cyber security experts attempting to find online vulnerabilities. Our IT team addresses any weak spots discovered. This audit demonstrates that our systems and designs, from its hiring process to physical and technical security, line up with security standards.

Most importantly, Earth Class Mail does not use third parties to process its customers’ mail. All mail items are handled at one secure, access-controlled, and video monitored facility by trained employees. 

That's a wrap!

About Earth Class Mail

We are always looking for new and better ways to serve our customers and help those with businesses be successful by releasing new innovative products and enhancements. Since our inception in 2004, we’ve processed over 18 million pieces of mail and deposited more than $2.4 billion in checks. We take making mail green seriously, too! We recycle 228.8 tons of paper per year and plant a tree for each new customer.

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Want to discover more about our virtual mailbox services?

Learn more about our flexible plans and pricing.

Always on the go?

Enjoy the freedom of accessing your mail wherever you are, from any device—giving you more time to enjoy the simpler things in life! Download the Android App or Apple iOS App.

We strive to be the best virtual mailbox service for our customers!

Have feedback for us? Please reach out: [email protected].

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