Virtual mailbox problems: How we help solve issues for our customers

Joanna Heep

Joanna Heep

October 26, 2021

Virtual mailbox problems: How we help solve issues for our customers

Many companies will say they care about their customers. How do we prove it? 

At Earth Class Mail, we keep the focus on our customers whether we’re designing new products or prioritizing projects. In fact, one of our key values as a company is that we act “to serve our customers.”

While we expect everyone at Earth Class Mail to think of our customers first, our Customer Success team embodies this value. We don’t outsource customer service—all of the people who work to help our customers with their accounts are full-time employees of Earth Class Mail.

This team includes customer success representatives, onboarding specialists, and account managers. They make sure we set our customers up for success and provide help when they need it. 

The moment you sign up for one of our virtual mailbox plans, you have access to the Customer Success team. They work to ensure you and your virtual mailbox and address up for success immediately after sign up. If you want, you can schedule a personalized, live onboarding session with a specialist to learn how to use your account. We’ll make sure we get your account activated with the USPS Form 1583 notarized and show you how to use your different account features, such as auto-shred, ship, managing users or check deposit. 

From there on, our team of customer success representatives will assist you with anything related to your account during your time at Earth Class Mail. 

Our team regularly goes above and beyond for our customers, so we asked them for stories of when they went out of their job description to help. Here’s what they said:

We created a report for one customer… and then made it available to all of them Back when one customer first signed up with Earth Class Mail, they wanted to start with a short-term contract to see how things would go. They soon realized their employees were spending an extensive amount of time verifying all the check deposits they were getting.

After a series of calls between their team and our Customer Success and engineering team, we formulated a plan for them to work more efficiently within their account. To do so, we needed to create a completely new account feature. Our development team rolled out a new and improved check deposit report, which is now accessible to all of our customers. The new feature saves them hours every month.. They’ve been a customer for a year and a half and we made the check deposit report available to all customers. - Trey H., account manager

We want to help your business’ bottom line I had several customers who were greatly affected by the pandemic. It hit one customer based in New York City especially hard, as he had multiple locations closed for an extended period and lost considerable revenue. The customer reached out, concerned that he wouldn’t be able to make payroll, let alone take care of his monthly invoice. After speaking with him and learning more about how COVID-19 was affecting his business, I worked with my leadership team to come up with a more manageable payment arrangement. 

We also worked with the customer to reduce his infrastructure footprint until his locations could reopen and his business stabilized. I stayed in regular contact with the customer throughout the last 2 years and not only was his business able to reopen their existing locations, he was also able to expand. - Hadley S., enterprise account manager

What’s your favorite part of your job?

I’m excited to come into work every day and love knowing I’m impacting both our customers and the environment. Everyone on the Customer Success team is passionate about taking care of our customers and they’re always seeking new ways to improve and streamline our processes.  - Hadley S., enterprise account manager

My favorite part of my job is the freedom and empowerment I get to become involved in projects that I feel improve the company's processes and customer experience. - Clint C., billing analyst

Need to reach our Customer Success team?

Our Customer Success team is available Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM CST, by email [email protected] or phone (210) 802-5211 press 1. We also have a library of resources and how-to articles in our Help section or directly through your account under ‘Help.’


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