To New Adventures! Joining Earth Class Mail as CEO

CEO On top of the world - CEO Jess Garza

Today is an exciting day for a lot of reasons, mainly because I get to share my new adventure with you; joining Earth Class Mail as CEO.

This adventure, I think, started in 2003 in Germany, when I delivered my first formal sales presentation.  While presenting TVs and microwaves to a room of 200 buyers something clicked for me. I fell in love with the sales side of the business and was hooked.

During a leadership stint at Rackspace in its early days I met, now Scaleworks GP, Lew Moorman. As Scaleworks began acquiring companies and rounding out their executive teams, I was recruited to run sales for Assembla.  With a focus on go-to-market strategy, I helped Assembla grow over the course of the year and was approached by Lew and fellow Scaleworks GP, Ed Byrne, to discuss one of the other companies in the portfolio, Earth Class Mail.

Lew said something that stuck with me: “Businesses spend time and money combing through the mail…and then the key stuff gets lost on a desk or in transit. Automating office mail can drive real business value.”

Having run my family’s business for years I well understood Lew’s point. Though, frankly, I’d never considered there could be an alternative. Businesses have come to tolerate a daily influx of paper mail out of habit and necessity and yet Earth Class Mail offers a real solution.  

This revelation piqued my interest and I went to work researching the company, its offerings, the market it serves, and the larger market it could serve.

When I was asked to join the team as CEO, I didn’t hesitate. I knew that leading Earth Class Mail would give me the chance to solve challenging problems for businesses in an impactful way.  It would also allow me the opportunity to join and continue the build out of a world-class team and shape a company that could lead its category for years to come.  It was an opportunity I had to take.

As 2017 winds down, I’ve geared up for this big and exciting transition. While I can’t get into what we have planned for you, our customers, in 2018, I can say that we’ll be able to provide you with more insights about mail than ever before –  whether it’s a check that needs to be deposited, invoices to be logged into your accounting system, a notice that needs to be forwarded to your lawyer, or a time sensitive tax document you want in your CPA’s hands right away – we’re going to make the inbound paper mail problem a thing of the past.

As you set your sights on your own new and exciting 2018, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

“What you think about, you bring about.” Bob Proctor

This captures one of the strongest beliefs I hold: Our minds (our thoughts, our attitudes, and our imagination) provide us everything we need to create the life we want.

Be positive, creative and expect good things in 2018!

Be well,

Jess Garza

CEO Earth Class Mail

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