The Top 5 Tips for Virtual Startups

Marlene Romo Flores

Marlene Romo Flores

March 29, 2022

The Top 5 Tips for Virtual Startups

Launching a new business venture is an exciting and challenging time.  Recently, the virtual workspace has created a unique set of challenges for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, and startups.  Those challenges come from building a thriving virtual environment.  The traditional office is now taking a back seat to a modern virtual office. 

Think about it; the challenges you face are unique. You must create a thriving virtual working space for your employees. With remote teams, it’s important to remember to keep your day-to-day centralized and organized.  This will allow your team to communicate and collaborate in sync. Conference room meetings are becoming extinct as small businesses are looking at virtual office plans to run their business.

There are many tools for you to utilize that are easy and will fit your budget, which will make team collaboration a breeze!  Whether you are getting ready to launch your virtual business or are an existing business looking to modernize your company structure, these five core tips will help you optimize your team dynamic:

1.  Replace conference calls with virtual calls

A great way to strengthen your team rapport is to replace conference calls with video calls.  The face-to-face will enable your team to connect with colleagues and have more accessible remote communication.  Project and task management will also have clarity via a video call.  Putting a face to a name is always important and making that connection by using video calls helps the communication process.  Tools created for virtual video meetings include Zoom, Google Meet, and Teams.  Of course, you can always use FaceTime.  Working from home or sharing a coworking space will feel more personable with these communication tools.

2.  Keep data in a central location

Keeping all documents in a shared space for accessibility to your remote team is vital and efficient.  Start by storing data on Google Drive or your preferred cloud storage platform.  Google makes documents shareable and accessible from anywhere.  Give your employees and your clients quick access to the documents they need.  As your business grows, you can look into upgrading to another option to manage your data.  Find the perfect CRM systems that will fit your business model and support your customer base.

3.  Standardized processes 

You want to make sure that you have your company processes in place as you begin to grow your business and bring on new employees.  Communication is crucial.  Employee onboarding and training make sure everyone uses the proper tools in the manner you have set in place.  Your team needs to be knowledgeable on the importance of each tool they use at work.  Workflow standardization is essential as you build consistency among your remote workers.  Onboarding documents or a new hire orientation will allow you to set the standard.  

4. Schedule weekly meetings

People managers should schedule weekly one-on-ones with their team members along with weekly group meetings to discuss projects, deadlines, roadblocks, and new items coming down the pipeline at this time.  You can take this time to individually ask during your one-on-one time how your team member is feeling.  Be sure to set up team and individual goals to stay on track as well as your team members. 

5.  Consider the needs of your client

Running a remote company will mean presenting your business products and services to a larger audience.  You are no longer limited to a city, state, or country.  Put yourself in the shoes of your client.  What is going to be attractive to them as they view your offerings?  Ease of payment?  International shipping?  Peace of mind while traveling?  Small business owners will save money from leasing physical office space with a virtual address.  This will also increase their professional market visibility.

A digital mail solution may be your answer!  Earth Class Mail offers virtual addresses, virtual mailboxes, check depositing, and more for your business needs.  The Earth Class Mail product offerings and integrations will give you more options as your business grows.  Are you ready to learn more about how our products can assist your business? Contact us today for a free demo.


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