Stuck in the past? Seven signs you aren't ready to switch to a virtual mailbox

Sara Yonker

Sara Yonker

July 14, 2021

Stuck in the past? Seven signs you aren't ready to switch to a virtual mailbox

Are you ready to bring your mailbox into the digital age?  It’s convenient, saves time, and keeps you from trekking to the post office or scanning in documents. But as with any technology, we have the early adopters and those who like to stay in the past. Here’s the signs you might not be ready for the future of mail:

1. You love junk mail

You relax every morning with a fresh cup of coffee and a nice, thick pile of junk mail - you might even savor it all with a week’s worth over a hearty brunch. What credit card rates can you get now? Who will offer to give you an estimate on your home’s value? You won’t know unless you dive deep into the glossy cardstock and analyze your options. 

If you sign up for a virtual mailbox, you’ll miss all that. At Earth Class Mail, our technicians sort out the junk so you don’t see it and automatically send it to recycling. It adds up to 12,000 pounds of mail shredded and recycled each week. 

2. You don’t use a computer or smartphone 

You think that “apps” means appetizers. You bought the only map you use at a gas station and it folds out large enough to fill up the front seat of your car. Things might be easier with a smartphone or laptop, but you resist technology and convenience. 

Computers allow us to catch a ride, manage our money, explore the world, and improve our health. Why wouldn’t there be a service that also brings postal mail into the modern world? We still need postal service for many reasons - but that doesn’t mean every part of it should stay in the past. If you want to embrace the pre-internet era, maybe you don’t need virtual mail. 

3. You never go anywhere 

The travel bans and stay-at-home orders during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t change much about your life. You’re already a recluse. It’s never inconvenient to check your mail, because you never leave town for a trip and have never moved houses. The address you receive mail at now will be the same for the rest of your life, so you aren’t worried about missing important paperwork.

Virtual mailboxes allow you to check your mail from anywhere in the world, on any device. It can help those who travel, move often, or live abroad but need a mailing address in the United States. 

4. You want to pay for an empty office during remote work

If you own a business, you probably want to make money off it. But maybe a balance sheet in the red doesn’t give you night sweats.  For you, it’s worth it to spend a chunk of your operating budget on Class A office space, even if no one uses it. After all, you need an address to share with customers.

Virtual addresses give your company a public-facing real street address that can be used for marketing and business registrations. Virtual business addresses don’t require you to actually occupy space, so they don’t come with the hefty price tag real estate does. 

Virtual office addresses are a real place, but you don’t occupy the location. Mail sent there goes to our secure processing facility and you access your mail online. If you don’t need to receive physical mail and just need a street address to use for marketing purposes, you can get a business address plan.

5. You want business customers and partners knowing where you live

If you’re remote or a home-based business, you can use your home address on your website,  at the bottom of your email signature, and in business directories.

You don’t mind clients stopping by your house to scope you out, or worse, coming by if they’re unhappy customers. When your business can’t jump at the needs of a customer, you expect a knock on your door. If your company ever works with another business partner and things don’t go well, you don’t mind them coming to your home, also. 

Earth Class Mail gives you both privacy for your personal information and keeps your mail and data secure. 

6. You have a photographic memory and computer-level organization skills 

You don’t have problems finding important documents, or even an old letter you received months ago from your attorney. You recall every piece of mail you’ve read and exactly where you put it afterward. 

Earth Class Mail turns your mail into text-searchable PDFs, which helps out those among us who may need a little help with document organization and storage.  

7. You like trips to the post office and only receive USPS mail

Home-based businesses have skirted the need for physical offices for years with the use of PO boxes. Unlike a PO box, you don’t have to make a trip up to the post office to check your mail when you use a virtual mailbox. Instead, with mail scanning services, you read your mail with your mobile device or on your computer. 

PO boxes, including the PO box addresses offered by Earth Class Mail, can only receive USPS mail. You won’t be able to receive FedEx, UPS, or DHL mail and packages.  

Ready for the digital era? What a virtual mailbox does for you 

OK, so maybe we know that most people don’t devour junk mail or memorize every piece of mail they get. We definitely know that you have a phone or computer, since this article wasn’t printed and mailed to you. 

If you’re thinking it might be time to give virtual mailboxes a try, we hope you chose Earth Class Mail -- and you can learn more about our services and what plans might work for you here.


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