Stay Informed About What’s Going On at Earth Class Mail

Andrew Luxem

Andrew Luxem

October 19, 2020

Stay Informed About What’s Going On at Earth Class Mail

Communication is vital for businesses to connect with customers. Often this communication is not done correctly with the customer in mind. New fixes, features, and updates are made to the product suite without proper communication to the customers that would benefit most from knowing about them. With the fast-paced nature of internet software and service businesses to quickly fix pain points and launch new features, good communication does not always occur. 

At Earth Class Mail, we focus on improving the communication we share with you, the customer. We have implemented several new ways to improve how we share new features and updates launched for the products you use. Our new changelog is part of this communication improvement. 

The changelog is the best place to see our current and past communications to see everything we are working on and our updates.


The changelog is organized on a page containing all the fixes, announcements, and improvements in reverse chronological order. It provides an efficient mode of communication with current and prospective customers. At Earth Class Mail, we use the changelog to communicate all updates to our customers, but we also use our version of the changelog internally to work backward from what we should create. 

Working Backwards

The “working backward” process is a method where our desired result is determined, and then teams figure out the best way to achieve it. Amazon pioneered the use of the “working backward” process in its development of products. 

At Earth Class Mail, we use ”working backward” documents to drive our product development every week. The product manager provides a working backward document to be reviewed by the business stakeholders. The document leads with what the changelog will say when the product or feature is launched. 

This process was recently completed with the launch of our popular check deposit feature in the Earth Class Mail iOS app. This feature went through the entire “working backward” process. The changelog that is live matches what had been initially presented in the early vision of the feature.

What You’ll Find in Our Changelog

In our changelog, you will find a list of fixes, announcements, and improvements. In each update, we focus on the basics of what, why, when, where, and how we fixed or improved the products that you use. At the bottom of each update, you will see an opportunity to provide your kudos or feedback. We value receiving your feedback to be aware if we’re doing the right thing, encounter any pain points with the product, or have ideas for future product feature requests. This communication is vital for connecting with you and ensuring we are on the right track to creating a product you love to use.

In our search for a changelog platform that provided flexible posting options at the right price, we decided on The UI offers a simple way to make announcements with widgets, tracking, and easy-to-format posts. You can also subscribe to our page and receive an email as soon as we publish a new update.

 You can find the new Earth Class Mail changelog here: 


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