Six ways to safely manage your online mobile check deposit requests

Mandy Kalish

Mandy Kalish

June 28, 2022

Six ways to safely manage your online mobile check deposit requests

Unsurprisingly, 80% of Americans would rather bank virtually than visit a brick-and-mortar branch. Requesting online check deposits is simple, safe, fast, convenient, and can be done anywhere, anytime. Not only do you have several options at your fingertips, but banks urged customers to use all of the contact-free online services for added safety during the pandemic. 

U.S. digital banking users will surpass 200 million in 2022.

How do mobile check deposit requests work?

It is a tool that allows you to request check deposits to your bank account using your phone or tablet. Instead of depositing checks at the ATM, your bank's drive-through window, or with a teller inside the lobby, you can request to have them deposited into your account from wherever you are. 

The types of checks you can typically add to your account using a mobile check deposit request feature include personal checks, business checks, cashier's checks, and government-issued checks. Your bank may not allow you to use this service for foreign, third-party, or traveler's checks, and money orders. It is best to double-check their policies first if you are unsure.

Is it safe to make mobile check deposit requests?

If you're concerned about protecting your banking information online, you may wonder about the safety of making mobile check deposit requests. They are as secure as your other online and mobile banking functions. Suppose your bank is taking steps to protect your information, such as encryption and enhanced security measures. In that case, it should also use the same standards for mobile check deposit requests. The main threats to mobile banking security are the same as online and mobile banking in general.

For example, cybercriminals target some people with a remote deposit capture scam, in which you're asked to deposit a fraudulent check using a mobile deposit service. You can protect yourself against this type of fraud by only accepting paper checks from people and businesses you know and trust.

Six ways to protect your info when requesting check deposits from your mobile device:

  1. Avoid the use of public Wi-Fi to access your banking details

  2. Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access your accounts away from home

  3. Create unique passwords and update them regularly

  4. Use an online password manager to protect your passwords

  5. Set up multi-factor authentication to log in to your bank accounts and Earth Class Mail account

  6. Lock your mobile device using a unique pin code or biometric identification (i.e., facial or fingerprint recognition)

Together, these steps can help enhance security when using your mobile device to request check deposits, review your balances, or carry out other online banking activities.

Can I use my mobile device to request check deposits through Earth Class Mail?

Earth Class Mail strives to be the best virtual mailbox and virtual address provider in the U.S., allowing individuals and businesses to make their postal mail paperless. We offer flexible plans that include mail scanning, free 30-day mail storage, free secure shredding, shipping, and check deposit services as an add-on feature—also available on your Android or Apple iOS mobile device! 

How do mobile check deposit requests work with Earth Class Mail?

All mail scanned by Earth Class Mail will automatically detect checks and send you an email and mobile push notification (if you downloaded the mobile app and turned on notifications). Access the check directly from the email link or your mobile app, and request to deposit it to any U.S. bank account with no limit on the quantity or amount—and we'll take it from there!

You can also add, rename, and delete bank deposit accounts and track the status of each deposit request directly from your mobile app. First, you'll need to set up your account by adding your bank account information. Be sure to have a check or bank statement ready with the following information: 

  • Bank routing number

  • Deposit account number

  • Name, address, phone number, and business name (if applicable).

Step One: Add a Deposit Account

To add a new lending institution to the Earth Class Mail mobile apps, navigate to: Sidebar > Settings > Deposit Accounts > Add Deposit Account

Then, continue to follow the on-screen prompts.


Step Two: Request a Mobile Check Deposit With Earth Class Mail, checks are automatically detected and tagged during the scanning process. 

To proceed with a deposit request, navigate to: Check Detected > Deposit Follow the prompts to select your preferred bank, bank account, and delivery method (overnight or standard shipping).


🙌Note: Standard shipping is free, and overnight shipping incurs an express fee and will show on the screen. Step Three: Track your check deposit status To track the status of a deposit request from your mobile device, navigate to: Mail Item Details > Deposit Requested


🙌Note: You can quickly access any checks detected that need action, pending check deposit requests, items incurring storage fees, and much more from the Insights tab on the mobile apps—check it out!


At Earth Class Mail, we are constantly looking for new ways to serve our customers and help those with businesses be successful by releasing new innovative products and enhancements. Since our inception in 2004, we've processed over 21 million pieces of mail and deposited more than $3.1 billion in checks. Are you interested in learning more about virtual mailboxes? See our plans and pricing here.

Enjoy the freedom of working remotely without having to worry about your mail! Download the Android App or Apple iOS App.

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