Six things you’ll thank your virtual mailbox for doing

Joanna Heep

Joanna Heep

November 22, 2021

Six things you’ll thank your virtual mailbox for doing

It’s the season of giving thanks. We have plenty of things to be thankful for–but we can also thank our virtual mailbox for making our lives a little easier. Considering digitizing your mail? Here are six reasons you’ll be thankful you did:

  1. Not having to go home for the holidays (to get your mail)

Don’t go home just to pick up your mail. It’s also not worth hanging around your uncle just to get your bank statement from last month. Using a family members’ address when you’re out of the country long-term? It’s not necessary if you use a virtual mailbox that will automatically digitize your mail. 

We get it. Sometimes, you don’t have a physical address for your incoming mail to go to. But, you receive sensitive letters in the mail, such as bank statements, legal documents, and IRS letters. When you use a family member's (or friend’s) address, you’re putting a lot of trust in them to not be nosy and open your mail. If you take off for holiday travels, you’ll be able to access your mail from anywhere in the world and not wonder what mail waits for you back home. 

2. You can finally sell your loud paper shredder in the upcoming neighborhood garage sale 

Admit it. You might need a shredder to keep sensitive and confidential information safe, but the noises they emit can be obnoxious. It’s one more bulky item taking up space in your home office. Why not have your virtual mailbox provider do the work for you? As an Earth Class Mail customer, our trained team opens and scans your mail and then securely shreds all your documents unless you choose to forward the physical copies to yourself. 

Bonus: used shredders are currently going for $25+ on eBay. Sell it and pocket a profit! 

3. Cashing in that holiday bonus...remotely while hitting the slopes 

Don’t wait to deposit your holiday bonus. Especially don’t wait until after your snowboarding vacation in Park City–you’re going to want those funds for a night out on Main Street. 

Earth Class Mail virtual mailboxes offer automatic check deposit as an add-on feature. (You can set up your account to have recurring check deposits or have it deposited as a one-time occurrence if you don’t regularly receive checks.)  For that, we are thankful (and even more thankful for the holiday bonus, of course). It’s never been easier. We scan the checks you receive in the mail and all you need to do is tell us what and where the check(s) need to be deposited. That’s it!

4. Keeping that sweet letter from Grandma Jo forever 

You know that letter where Grandma finally admitted you were her favorite? Yeah, that one. You may want that one day for bragging rights. When you use a virtual mailbox, you not only receive your postal mail online: you can keep your letters and incoming mail forever with cloud storage. Earth Class Mail virtual mailbox integrates with Google Drive, DropBox, and Box. Whether it’s an important business document or a sentimental one, your documents become text-searchable PDFs, so you can find any piece of mail just by searching for keywords.

5. Keeping your home address private (from everyone but Santa Claus) 

Remote and home-based businesses, rejoice! You need a business address for various parts of your operations: receiving mail and invoices, to use on your website, marketing emails, business cards, important documents, and more. What do you use when your business address is your home address and you don’t have office space? A virtual address gives you a real street address for your business mailing address so you can keep a professional image and keep your home address private. 

6. Eliminating junk mail from your life 

Mother Nature will thank you for this one. Virtual mailboxes not only remove paper clutter and junk mail from your life, they make sure to properly recycle every mail item. We partner with Shred-It to recycle and repurpose our customers’ mail.

With a virtual mailbox, you will only see important mail in your account. We filter out the rest automatically. We recycle more than 6 tons of unwanted mail, including junk mail, on behalf of our customers every week. 

Don’t have a virtual mailbox, but want one? You’ll be thankful you did.

There are a lot of reasons to manage your mail from anywhere and we have plans for every need. From digital nomads to large businesses, Earth Class Mail can fit your needs. Ready to sign up for a virtual mailbox service? Learn more about our plans and pricing here. You’ll be thankful you did.


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