Reveleer Brings a First-in-Industry Solution to the Healthcare Market

Casey Shaeffer

Casey Shaeffer

August 10, 2020

Reveleer Brings a First-in-Industry Solution to the Healthcare Market

For most companies, growth creates not only opportunities but also challenges. Successful organizations must decide where to focus their resources when growth makes their current systems unsustainable. Should they develop new internal processes? Or find a strategic partner?

For California-based SaaS company Reveleer, the decision point centered on their postal mail. The volume had become so high that they realized they needed to innovate and enhance and speed up their process. They began seeking technology solutions to drastically speed up mail processing.


For more than ten years, Reveleer’s platform has allowed health insurers to better track member data. In a healthcare system that is both highly regulated and privately operated, data sharing among medical providers and insurance companies is critical but inefficient. The more resources insurers pour into things like retrieving medical records and auditing codes, the higher their operating costs.

Reveleer saves insurers time and money by enabling them to obtain and manage complex data in a cloud-based platform for their compliance, quality improvement, and risk management programs. The SaaS company continues to seek opportunities to provide their customers greater efficiency and accuracy so insurers can better manage their risk.

The company’s most recent offering is a solution that automatically summarizes medical record data for HEDIS (a health plan quality measurement tool). This offering is powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology. While NLP has become well-known through products like Alexa and Google Home, its use in this context, pioneered by Reveleer, is a first in the industry.

Bringing a new product to market takes significant resources—for any company. In the healthcare industry, the regulatory hurdles alone can stall forward progress. Reveleer was able to bring this product to market by focusing on their core competencies—building software tools that support health insurers—and finding a technology partner to enhance mail processing.


Leadership at Reveleer wanted to continue driving innovation in the healthcare industry. However, with dozens of insurance providers as customers, their operations team was in need of a solution to speed up the process. They had a choice. They could make significant investments to strengthen their mail processing function, or they could find a technology partner and stay focused.

The problem at large

While many in the healthcare industry have transitioned to electronic record management, paper documents are still common, including postal mail. Plus, health insurers and medical providers face an issue that many industries do not—personal health information is highly sensitive and protected by law from disclosure. Any efforts to streamline mail processing of healthcare documents must have extensive employeee training.

Healthcare organizations that go paperless with their internal operations may struggle to implement that decision across the entire business if they continue to receive paper documents from providers, regulators, customers, or members. Digitizing mailed documents requires scanning, uploading, and sorting—time and money that could (and should) be redirected toward their primary areas of expertise.

Manual in-house integration of paper documents into a company’s existing digital platform can also cause delays and inaccuracies in customer-facing information. No matter how diligent an employee is, labor-intensive processes like data entry and multi-document scanning are ripe for errors, like misplaced pages or transposed numbers. Avoiding these types of issues requires companies to design and implement complex systems, a process that often isn’t an effective use of their resources.


“We decided our best bet was to focus on improving our platform and seek a partner that could invest and innovate in the area of mail processing,” says Jay Ackerman, CEO and President of Reveleer.

The company looked at several solutions, assessing them based on their technology, reporting abilities, and organizational alignment.

“We believed in the Earth Class Mail business model,” says Ackerman. “We saw a company committed to innovation and found a strong culture fit with the company leadership.”

“Getting started was clean and straightforward. We were able to go live very quickly,” says Ackerman. The Reveleer team created mailing addresses and customer accounts, gave guidance on the types of sensitive documents they would receive with the Earth Class Mail team, and connected the Earth Class Mail portal to the Reveleer platform to automatically pull scanned mail.

Reveleer’s postal mail is now scanned and uploaded so they can easily access it online and share it with the necessary stakeholders, such as their sales, operations, or accounting teams. Because Earth Class Mail’s mail processing team is HIPAA-certified, any healthcare information Reveleer receives is handled in compliance with relevant law.

Ackerman and the Reveleer team have been impressed with how quickly they’ve received their mail. “The turnaround time from when the mail hits [Earth Class Mail’s] loading dock to when it’s in our portal is fast,” he says.


Reveleer chose to prioritize investing internal resources to mission-critical projects, like bringing its NLP solutions to market. “Earth Class Mail is allowing us to focus on developing and improving our platform so that we drive greater customer ingenuity and shareholder value,” says Ackerman.

For Reveleer, the tradeoff is paying off. By working with a strategic partner like Earth Class Mail, they're able to concentrate on their core mission. Reveleer is well-positioned to build on their recent successes and continue their expansion into an industry that’s only going to grow.

Reveleer empowers managed care organizations nationwide to take control of their risk adjustment and quality improvement initiatives. Reveleer has been named one of the most promising SaaS companies in California. The company has also been named to the Inc. 5000 and in the top 100 fastest-growing private companies in Los Angeles by the LA Business Journal.


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