Organize your mail and eliminate clutter with a virtual mailbox

Jake Norrie

Jake Norrie

May 5, 2021

Organize your mail and eliminate clutter with a virtual mailbox

Most households and businesses in the United States receive hundreds of pieces of mail a year. Junk mail makes up more than half of that, but what remains can often be important. Legal documents, check payments, insurance, tax, and banking forms all typically come in the mail.

Once those papers are in your home or office, you need to organize them so it doesn’t turn into clutter. Ever lost an important piece of mail amid stacks of paper all over your house? A virtual mailbox can keep that headache from happening. 

Virtual mailboxes contain scanned copies of physical mail sent to an address you select. You can then access those scans from your computer, tablet, or phone—anywhere, anytime. Virtual mailboxes can be useful for remote businesses, people who travel often, live abroad, or those who don’t want to have to handle physical mail again.

How virtual mailboxes help you focus only on important mail. 

There’s nothing worse than checking the mailbox and seeing the piles of mail that you’ll have to sort through. To decrease that clutter, you need a system.  Thanks to virtual mailboxes, managing that mail doesn’t have to involve sorting through a giant pile of envelopes. In fact, looking for a specific piece of mail you received months ago can be as easy as a Google search. With an Earth Class Mail virtual mailbox, your mail is automatically scanned and converted into a high-resolution PDF with full text search, meaning you can search any keyword and find your mail with ease.

With a virtual mailbox plan with Earth Class Mail, removing and sorting through that clutter gets easier. We review any mail that isn’t first class mail for recycling on your behalf. Our team of operators acts as a spam filter for your physical mail, so you see the important things, but don't have to sift through promotional materials, catalogs, or coupons.

With all your incoming mail digitized and pre-sorted, your record-keeping and filing become hassle-free. This allows you to skip the inconvenience of sorting through mail, and creates a paperless document storage solution—keeping the mail off your desk and easily accessed online.

With a virtual mailbox from Earth Class Mail, you have the option to store, share, and shred the postal mail that hits your inbox. 

Recycling this unwanted mail helps contribute to the 12,000 pounds of paper we recycle each week. We also make sure to recycle everything properly.

How virtual mailboxes improve organization

When you use a virtual mailbox, your mail becomes digital. Armed with PDFs of all your important documents, you can easily sort or search through your mail to keep all your important papers organized. Earth Class Mail virtual mailboxes work with many of the most popular apps.  Your account can link scanned PDFs automatically to any cloud storage provider or systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Checks can also be deposited for you automatically and integrated with most accounting software. Other powerful integrations from, Intuit Quickbooks, Xero, and Box can save you time.

A virtual mailbox can help create flexibility, provide organization, and increase efficiency in your life. You’ll need to find a service that prioritizes these values. Ready to organize your life? Find a plan that best fits your needs here.


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