Manage package shipments with these apps

Tere Kovacs

Tere Kovacs

November 3, 2021

Manage package shipments with these apps

Every day in the United States, more than 36 million packages get delivered. Those deliveries require coordination of a massive network of delivery teams. But it’s not just those delivery networks managing the logistics. You also need to plan to receive those shipments, especially when deliveries arrive somewhere you aren’t there to receive them.  

Best apps to manage package deliveries 

Like nearly everything else, package deliveries can get easier with the help of apps. Sometimes you might you want to track when an anticipated package will come, other times you need to forward it elsewhere.  We’ve curated a list of the best apps to download to keep track of your packages and even ship other packages out.

  • USPS: The United States Postal Service App allows users to calculate shipping prices, find the nearest post office, schedule a next-day pickup, purchase stamps, request a hold on your mail and access its popular mail preview service, USPS Informed Delivery. Informed Delivery gives you a preview of some of your incoming mail, but will not show you all of your incoming mail, does not show you the contents of your letters, and may tell you that you have a package coming, but does not always give specific information. The postal service only offers Informed Delivery to residential addresses and not businesses. (Android or iOS)

  • UPS: UPS’s app allows you to find your deliveries if you have your UPS tracking number, as well as update your delivery location or change your delivery date. If you set an alert on a particular delivery, you can get push notifications as its delivery progresses. You can also create shipping labels and use the in-app measuring tool to take package dimensions so you can estimate shipping costs. (Android or iOS)

  • FedEx Mobile: With FedEx’s app, you can create a shipping label, track your shipment status, and manage packages coming your way. You can also use the app to get rates, find a location to pick up a package, or or drop off a package. The app doesn’t allow you to delay shipments, designate a different recipient, or forward packages. (Android or iOS)

  • Earth Class Mail: We know that you don’t always have the ability to ship packages to where you are. You might travel often, or have a home office and want a professional business address to protect your privacy. Still, you receive packages and need them forwarded to wherever you are.  We’re excited to say that now, even more of our customers can forward incoming packages around the globe with a few clicks.  Earth Class Mail recently upgraded its Android app so that it supports package shipping and forwarding, something our iOS app also does. With Earth Class Mail, you can use a virtual address to receive shipments and forward them anywhere in the world. (Android or iOS)

Earth Class Mail expands shipping capabilities on Android app 

We are proud to support the Android market with our virtual mailbox app, Earth Class Mail for Android. With our latest update,  we just made it easier to ship or forward mail items around the world from Android devices.

We launched the Android app earlier this year with basic service features and just upgraded the app with shipping capabilities so that more customers can arrange for packages to be forwarded to them from anywhere in the world. 

There are easy steps to enable shipping on your Android device. For a complete guide with screenshots, visit our help center article.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or running an enterprise-level businesses, the Earth Class Mail app can help you become more productive by allowing you to view your physical mail on your mobile device. 

Earth Class Mail is the leading virtual mailbox and virtual address provider in the U.S., allowing customers like Grammarly, Zapier, Reddit, and Lyft to take their postal mail paperless. Our trained technicians turn paper mail and documents into high-resolution, searchable PDFs that integrate with other cloud-based applications. We are continually making improvements to our Android app to keep it feature-rich for our customers. 

How to ship packages from your Android device

The app now allows you to manage your shipping address(es), select a carrier, and ship your mail. Other popular features you can access directly from Android devices include:

  • View your account and mail

  • Request mail scan

  • View and share a PDF of your mail

  • The ability to cancel a shipment or check deposit request

How to enable shipping on the Earth Class Mail Android app

  1. Start a shipment.  To start a shipment, navigate to your mailbox Inbox and select the item to ship.

  2. Add mail to Shipping cart. 

  3. Choose the piece of mail or package you wish to ship

    • Navigate to the bottom of the screen

    • Choose More

    • Add to Shipping Cart

To ship multiple items to the same address, repeat this process.

  1. Check out.  Review the items in the Shipping Cart and proceed by clicking on the Ship Items button at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Provide shipping details. The following on screen steps will guide you through the shipping options and details such as: shipping address, require a delivery signature, insurance, your choice of carriers - FedEx, UPS, USPS - and customs requirements if you are shipping outside the United States. Choose your desired options.

  3. Confirm. Verify shipping details you provided and confirm the shipment request by clicking on Request Shipment.

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