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Launching Auto-Deposit for CheckStream

Earth Class Mail Team

December 18, 2018

We developed CheckStream with simple goals: help people save time and get paid faster by depositing checks straight from their inbox. With more than $120 million in deposited checks this year alone, we’ve accomplished our goals by saving you from unnecessary trips to the bank.

We wanted to do more to create an even better and faster solution, and with our launch of Auto-Deposit, we’re giving CheckStream that boost.

Although faster than walking checks to a teller, it still takes time to open your inbox, locate mail items containing checks, and manually request a deposit for each check. Now, Auto-Deposit will complete the check depositing process from start to finish the moment we detect a check in your inbox.  

Plus, when paired with our existing Auto-Scan rule, Auto-Deposit will allow you to receive your cash without a single search or click in your inbox. It’s a ‘set and forget’ solution without limits on the number of checks you can deposit into any domestic bank account.

Here’s how ‘set and forget’ works:

  • Once enabled, Auto-Scan will automatically scan the contents of mail items received in your virtual inbox.

  • If any of the items contain a check, the Auto-Deposit rule will immediately begin the depositing process.

  • Cash arrives in your account without you having to open your inbox. 

When you set up your Auto-Deposit rule, you’ll be able to choose which domestic bank account will receive your checks. You also choose what happens to the physical and digital copies of the check and mail item once we’ve completed the deposit.

We deposit checks overnight free of charge to Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, or Wells Fargo. You can also overnight a check to other banks for a fee. Imagine seeing cash appear in your accounts within 24 hours of receiving a check without ever opening your inbox. It’s that simple.

Auto-Deposit is Earth Class Mail’s best solution for saving you time and speeding up your cash flow. All created so that you spend your time doing what you want.

Learn more about setting up Auto-Scan and Auto-Deposit, or reach out to our customer success team at [email protected].

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