Last-minute online shopping that can arrive by Christmas

Marlene Romo Flores

Marlene Romo Flores

December 13, 2021

Last-minute online shopping that can arrive by Christmas

Are you still searching for that perfect holiday gift?  Or are you just getting ready to tackle your Christmas list?  If you procrastinated on your holiday shopping, you may be in luck.  

The second-biggest holiday online shopping day of the year is upon us.  The second Monday in December is referred to as “Green Monday” or “Cyber Monday 2”.  This year Green Monday is on December 13th. Here’s how to shop the Green Monday sales and pick the right shipping options so your gifts arrive by Dec. 24. 

What is Green Monday?

What is Green Monday?  It’s your chance to get those last-minute online deals for Christmas.

Major retailers and businesses worldwide have known the immense buying power that comes along with Green Monday as last-minute holiday shoppers rush to finish purchasing those last few items on their list.  Green Monday falls two weeks before Christmas making it one of the last times you can make a purchase and have it arrive on time for Christmas morning.

The origins of Green Monday

The term Green Monday originated in 2007 by eBay.  They gave it  the name because of the amount of money that eBay made on that day from last-minute shoppers.  The word green serves two meanings, first it represented the money it generated from shoppers and secondly it gave a nod to being a greener way to shop. 

Instead of venturing off in your vehicle to visit a brick and mortar store, opting to online shop can be environmentally-friendly, since you won’t be driving all across town looking for which stores have an item in stock.

An online-only event

So have you grabbed your wallet or purse and are ready to head out the door?  Just hold up! Turn around and get out your laptop or just use your phone. Green Monday is an online-only shopping occasion.  Aside from your favorite shopping sites, make sure you check mobile apps for special offers.

By creating a second holiday online shopping experience, retailers are able to give their customers deals on must-have items.   It also cuts downtime on the consumer waiting in line and dealing with overcrowded stores- a benefit in itself!  

How can you prepare for Green Monday?

It can be overwhelming when your inbox begins filling up with deals in observance of Green Monday.  You could forget what you initially were searching for because something else caught your attention.   Here are some tips on how to be successful this Green Monday:

  1. Make a list: List all of the items you want or need. If you aren’t sure what you need, just who you need to buy for, that’s a start!

  2. Check out the deals: Most retailers have their Green Monday deals displayed on their homepage so you can decide what and where you can get the best deals.

  3. Check mobile apps: Some retailers will offer special deals via their app so make sure you check that out too!

  4. Set your alarm: Just like you, many others will be looking to take advantage of deals and offers to finish their shopping. Make sure you get up on time. 

  5. Price Matching: Check the different retailers for price matches for the products that you have on your list.

Here are some deals to review as you prepare for Green Monday shopping

Green Monday cyber safety while shopping

This time of the year is full of holiday cheer, but it also brings lots of holiday grinches out of hiding to try and scam good-hearted people.  Make sure that you shop in a secure place like your home or use two-factor authentication when making online purchases.  

Will my gifts arrive by Christmas?

You might save some green during these sales, but it’s no time to skimp on shipping fees.   We are currently experiencing shipping delays from retailers.  This doesn’t mean you won’t receive your purchases within the stated time frame.  Just be aware that all carriers expect delays in shipping and your purchase may experience a setback.  

How to prepare? In addition to tracking packages with your unique shipping numbers on the USPS site, FedEx, or UPS, you can also check the carrier’s service alerts, which will let you know of unexpected delays due to weather interfere with your package arrival

What shipping method should I choose?

If you’re trying to make sure something arrives by Christmas, you need to make sure you select the shipping method that won’t break your deadline. Some of these holiday deadlines have already passed. Here’s our quick guide you can reference.

For packages to still arrive by Christmas, here are holiday shipping deadlines: 


  • FedEX Express Saver: Dec. 21

  • FedEx 2 day and overnight options: Not expected to be affected


  • UPS Ground Shipping: Dec. 16

  • UPS Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air: Dec. 18

  • UPS 3-Day Select: Dec. 19


  • Retail Ground Shipping: Dec. 15

  • Media Mail: Dec. 16

  • First Class Mail: Dec. 18

  • Priority Mail: Dec. 19

Now let’s get some shopping done.  Remember you still have to wrap! 


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