Is a virtual mailbox safe from identity theft?

Sara Yonker

Sara Yonker

May 19, 2021

Is a virtual mailbox safe from identity theft?

If you’ve never had a package or piece of mail stolen, consider yourself lucky. Research suggests that half of the people in the United States fell victim to some type of mail theft in 2020.

Making your mail digital can keep your mail safer - as long as you find a virtual mailbox provider that follows security protocols.

A virtual mailbox receives your mail, digitizes it, and you can view and manage your mail on a website platform or app. When you want to, you can have your original mail forwarded or decide to shred it.

At every step, there is potential for security threats if you aren’t careful. Before you sign up for a virtual address, check the company’s policies and business operations.

Safe mailbox checklist for virtual mail providers

When picking a mail service to access your postal mail online, consider each company’s security procedures.

Here’s the minimum you should expect from safe mailbox:

  • Background checked employees

  • Secured mail processing facility

  • Video monitoring of mail facility

  • Restricted access to areas with open mail or mail scanning

  • Platform to access your mail safe from cyber attacks

  • Limited access to user logins for each account user

  • Item tracking

  • Proper storage and disposal of mail

  • Control of what happens to your after it’s scanned

  • Employee training on privacy protocols

  • Secure check deposit services and shredding

Cyber security

Safe mailbox

Earth Class Mail takes our customers’ privacy and security into account at every step. Cameras monitor activity throughout the operations center, where only authorized employees have access. Additionally, all employees undergo background checks and extensive training. 

Earth Class Mail also achieved SOC-2 certification. This designation means we met all security recommendations for handling our customers’ data. We’re also audited on meeting these standards to keep our certification active.

The security requirements cover both the physical handling of mail, the digital files we create, and the platform where our customers access their postal mail online.

Some of those rules include encrypted emails, firewalls, intrusion detection, and quality assurance protocols. 

Are all virtual mailboxes safe?

Most virtual mail providers follow some security protocols, but don’t always disclose their specific policies for mail processing or if they screen employees.

Like Earth Class Mail, many have video monitoring of the mail processing facilities. However, if these companies have security certifications, they don’t share that information on their websites.

Anytime Mailbox and security

Anytime Mailbox offers hundreds of virtual addresses across the county. They license a software product to business mailing centers, which allows those places to operate as a safe mailbox.

Customers use a platform to access their mail created by Anytime Mailbox.

But, the volume of address vendors comes at a price. Your mail will only be as safe as the individual franchise owner operating the location you select. Policies vary for how each address vendor secures their building, background checks employees, or trains them on how to dispose of mail.

iPostal Mail and security

Likewise,  iPostal Mail relies on partnerships with work spaces and business mail centers. The people who process your mail work for those partners, so security protocols vary depending on which address you select.

Protect against stolen mail and identity theft with a virtual mailbox

On their own, most individual pieces of mail won’t give identity thieves the crucial personal information they need. Over time, though, information in your mail combined with data available about you online could lead to a stolen identity.  

It’s especially concerning considering many of the most important documents come in the mail -  your IRS documents with you social security number, credit cards, and bank account information often come to your mailbox. 

If you’re concerned about mail theft, virtual mailbox services can provide the solution you need without the need to visit the post office. You select a real street address and have a safer way to receive mail.  You’ll also get other benefits, such as check deposit services, automatic recycling of junk mail, and easy digital organization of your mail.

Ready to get started? Find a plan that works for you. 


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