In 2021, we made mail greener, easier, and more organized

Sara Yonker

Sara Yonker

December 27, 2021

In 2021, we made mail greener, easier, and more organized

Year in review 2021 

Earth Class Mail receives mail for thousands of customers. These individuals and businesses would be dealing with piles of paper mail had their virtual mailbox not been there to make life a little easier for them this year.

Our new corporate family

Some of the biggest news of the year came toward the end, when we announced that we were joining the LegalZoom family

This won’t change our existing Earth Class Mail customers’ billing, how they log into their accounts, or the way they manage their mail. 

We’re excited to see what changes await us in 2022 as part of this new era. We look forward to applying LegalZoom’s technology, products, and services to help both our current customers and new ones. 

How much mail we processed in 2021

Earth Class Mail makes postal mail paperless. As we wrap up 2021, we wanted to put into perspective the bulk of the paper burden we’ve alleviated for customers. 

This year, we received more mail, scanned more paper, and shipped more packages than ever before. 

How much exactly? In 2021, we received more than 2 million items at our processing center. That includes important letters, legal documents, checks, and packages. That number doesn’t even include what we’ve been told by our customers they don’t want: junk mail.

Our operators automatically filter out, shred, and recycle junk mail so that you don’t have to deal with it. 

The environmental impact of paperless mail 

Along with recycling junk mail, we also securely shred and recycle the mail our customers don’t want to keep.

We recycle more than 6 tons of unwanted mail each week and we’re looking forward to receiving our year-end total that shows us just how much our recycling increased. 

On top of helping the environment by recycling, we also donated more than 10,000 trees in 2021 to the National Forest Foundation’s reforestation projects as a way to thank our customers for making their mail green. 

Going paperless with scanned documents 

We recycle junk mail, but we also end up shredding and recycling much of the rest of the mail our customers receive after we scan it.

This year, we scanned over 9 million pages of mail. If we stacked all that paper, it would be more than half a mile high - or equivalent to three Eiffel Towers!

Shipping and sharing mail 

Sometimes, customers receive an item of mail and they need the physical copy. We offer a variety of shipping options to get it to them wherever they are in the world. This year, we shipped more than 140,000 items all across the world. 

We also allow customers to share the digital scans of their documents with others.  If a colleague needs an important work document you got in the mail, you can share it with just a click of a button. We had more than 38,000 documents shared on our platform this year. 

Automatically deposit checks from the mail 

Plenty of businesses and individuals still pay each other via check, and we make it easier to get those payments deposited automatically without having to make a trip to the bank or sort through deposit slips. Our check deposit business grew in 2021, with more than $1 billion deposited in customers’ accounts throughout the year. 

New product developments in 2021

Our product development team has rolled out new features this year that made your Earth Class Mail account easier to use and more secure. 

Upgraded security on all platforms

We added an extra layer of security to your account whether you access your account through the web app, the iOS app, or the Android app. If your password gets compromised, your account will still be protected with our Two-Factor Authentication. 

Access from anywhere and any device

To complete the full suite of applications, we introduced the Earth Class Mail Android app as the newest in our lineup.

Easy on the eyes and faster

We added light and dark mode to the iOS mobile app to help reduce eye strain in low light conditions.. To find your mail items faster, a new dashboard view is available in the web application. 

We look forward to an exciting 2022 where we plan to introduce even more improvements and features for our customers. Ready to get rid of the paper clutter in 2022? Start by digitizing your mail. 


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