How to transfer mail to new address?

How to transfer mail to new address?

Mail transfer service

If you have moved at least once to a new city or state, you know how important it is to transfer your mail to a new address. If not, has it ever happened that you kept receiving the previous occupants’ mail at a home that was supposed to be your own? Or, have you ever lost your mail by forgetting to forward it from an old address?

You have probably experienced at least one of these situations, and it can be majorly disruptive. If you don’t request a  USPS mail transfer, your mail will keep going to your previous address, which is annoying for you and the people who have moved into your old place. To make sure you avoid this, use a  mail transfer service.

Your mail should be forwarded whether you are relocating for a short time or even going on an extended holiday. How to transfer all of your important mail to a new address, then? Let us explain everything about mail transfer services! 

A mail transfer service is also called forwarding mail, which you may have heard before. You usually want to transfer mail with USPS when you have just moved or are moving soon and want your mail forwarded to a new address.

During this process, you can change your address permanently or temporarily. To do so, you should apply as soon as possible for a change of address. You can do this at the post office or online. So, just what is a US mail transfer? It’s an optional service used to redirect your mail when you move. It doesn’t actually change your address – it just redirects your mail.

Some consumers consider the service a safety net because when you forget to tell someone or miss a service provider when changing your address, USPS will forward it to the correct address. Unfortunately, the major limitation to this is that only First-Class Mail and First-Class Packages can be forwarded and only for 12 months.

Which mail can be forwarded?

Now that you know this service monitors your old address and redirects the mail to your new address, there are more details on which mail can be forwarded. Below you will find a full list of mail pieces that can be forwarded to your new destination: 

  • First-Class mail and periodicals (including magazines and newspapers).

  • Premium shipping services like Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and First-Class Packages.

These pieces of mail are forwarded free of charge.

  • Media Mail and USPS Retail Ground can be forwarded, but an additional shipping cost applies.

So far it is not possible to forward USPS Marketing Mail or business mailers in bulk.

How to transfer mail at USPS

You can either apply to forward your mail in person, at the post office, or online. Let’s dive deeper into both options:

How to transfer mail to a new address in-person

  1. Visit the post office of your choice.

  2. Request a free “Mover’s Guide” packet.

  3. Fill out Form 3575. You will find an empty form inside your Mover’s Guide packet.

  4. You should receive a confirmation letter at your new address within 7-10 working days.

How to transfer mail to your new address online

Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the official USPS website and choose the ‘Change of address’ section.

  2. Define if you want to change your address permanently or temporarily.

  3. Pay the identity verification fee ($1.10). 

  4. Submit the form and wait for a confirmation code that will be sent to you by USPS via email. This code can be used to modify or cancel your request.  

  5. You will receive a welcome mail with coupons.

  6. Your mail will be forwarded to your new address.

Submitting the request online is the fastest and easiest way. You receive a confirmation immediately. However, there is a fee that must be paid with a credit or debit card. The fee has been set up to verify identities to prevent fraud.

How much does the post office transfer mail service cost?

As already mentioned above, forwarding your mail is free of charge if you submit the request at the post office station. If you decide to send your documents online, you will pay a $1.10 fee to confirm your identity. Also, there is a fee for Premium Mail forwarding. It actually costs two separate fees – the enrollment fee ($20.90 if you enroll online or $22.75 if you enroll at the post office station) and the weekly fee ($22.75 whether you enroll in person or online). 

What are Premium Forwarding services?

Premium Forwarding services have been created for residential and business customers who want maximum flexibility and, at the same time, full control over where (and when) they will receive their mail. Premium Forwarding services can be split into two types: Residential and Commercial. The PFS-Residential service means packing your mail at the post office station and forwarding them weekly by Priority Mail. There is still an enrollment fee and a weekly fee, but you can enroll and manage your orders online. The PFS-Commercial service means allowing business customers (who have active PO Boxes or street addresses) to temporarily transfer their mail to a new address using Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express.

Is there a better alternative than transferring a mailing address?

USPS mail transfer is a convenient option, but it may not be right for you, or your business. After all, you have to go through a change of address every time you move, or use your personal address on every business you own. It is time-consuming and, in most cases, costs you fees. 

However, forwarding your mail can be easily replaced with a virtual mailbox service. This business-friendly option offers a very useful mail scanning and forwarding service so you can access your mail no matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Signing up for a virtual mailbox doesn’t require a visit to a physical location, as you can quickly sign up for an account online. You will receive all your mail instantly, even when you are on the go via mail scanning in a .pdf format into your virtual inbox. Much like the mail transfer service, the virtual mailbox provides you with an alternate address instead of your residential address. When you have any new piece of mail, you are instantly notified via email or text message. The physical address of your virtual mailbox is usually managed by dedicated virtual office companies that offer various mailing services.

A virtual mailbox is a great yet simple way to receive your mail no matter where you are. Whenever you receive new mail, a digital image of the envelope is scanned, and you can instantly see who sent the mail. You can also decide whether you want to have the contents scanned so that you can read it right away. If there is something in the mail that you need to get your hands on, like a card or photos, then the piece can be shipped to any address that you provide. This makes a virtual mailbox an excellent solution for small businesses, individuals on the go, or even for those who prefer apartment dwelling.

Why choose a virtual mailbox over a traditional mail transfer?

First, you never have to worry about having to go to the post office to actually see your mail! It’s much more convenient than a traditional mail service that requires you to pick up mail on-site. Your mail is secure, and you can quickly and easily access it no matter where you are at the moment. You can request to scan, shred, or forward your mail. Whenever you receive new mail, you receive an alert with an attached picture of the envelope, so you never miss an important piece again! Finally, a virtual mailbox is not only for individuals. It can also be used for business purposes. See our proven mail solutions for individuals and businesses. A virtual mailbox may be an online mailbox, but you can choose a virtual address that is located near you or one that looks best on marketing materials for your business. There are locations for virtual addresses in most major cities like Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, San Francisco, and more. And our address network has been expanding regularly!

How to start a Virtual Mailbox?

Setting up and using a virtual mailbox is really quite easy. You can create your account in just a few minutes thanks to quick registration, and no third parties support In some cases, official documents like a valid form of ID is required. Running a business? A virtual address is for sure something you can use! Check how the service works!


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